Robotic Welder II

Job Description

Experienced Robotic Welder Wanted!

Join our team of skilled welders on our first shift Monday - Thursday from 6:00 a.m. -4:30 p.m.

Robotic Welders at Jones Metal must be experienced welders. Essential duties include but are not limited to:

1. Selects, aligns, and secures holding fixtures, attachments, accessories, and materials on robotic welder as required
2. Fits and assembles parts into complete assembly, using jigs, fixtures, surface table and hand tools.
3. Observes robotic welder while operating to detect malfunctions or non-conforming conditions.
4. Develops robotic path and motion to maximize efficiency, safety, and quality.
5. Operates welding robot on trial runs to verify accuracy of machine settings and programmed control data.
6. Performs basic MIG and TIG welding techniques as needed.
7. Assist engineering in the design and configuration of parts to utilize the robotic welder.
8. Reads job specifications (e.g. blueprints, quality control plans) to determine type of welding and material requirements.
9. Examines finished work pieces to verify conformance with specifications.
10. Reports defective materials or questionable conditions to the Production Supervisor.
11. Performs prescribed preventative maintenance on equipment and machines.
12. Performs work in accordance with established operational standards and processes.
13. Maintains work area and equipment in a clean and orderly condition.

Qualified candidates will have welding experience and be a skilled blue print reader.

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