Catering Events Coordinator

Job Description

Title: Event Coordinator
Reports to: Vice President of Operations
Type of Position: Full Time

Summary of Position
The Catering Event Coordinator is the initial point of contact for catering clients and represents Landmark Catering in all aspects of the planning, coordinating, and price quoting for new and recurring events. The Coordinator ensures all phases of assigned property events with a high
level of service. Additionally, this position is responsible for ensuring events have a seamless turn-over from sales to service and for recognizing and realizing opportunities to maximize the client experience and create outstanding events. The Coordinator maintains a thorough knowledge of Landmark Catering menu's, products, and services and is responsible for representing the outstanding quality of service and taste that Landmark is known for.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Take incoming calls from potential and existing clients to book and coordinate upcoming catered events.
-Keep record of all phone conversations, emails, and event tracking for follow up with clients.
-E-mail information to potential and existing clients, i.e.: menus, policies and procedures, proposals, agreements, and any other pertinent information.
-Set up client consultations for them to find out more about what we have to offer at Landmark catering, i.e.: food, décor, flowers, and wedding cakes.
-Prepare bids/proposals for potential clients.
-Prepare a catering event sheet for all events booked with landmark catering that include all the essential information for the cooks and event staff to efficiently prepare for these events.
-Prepare maps and detail instructions on how to get to the various venues on the event sheets. Indicate additional information i.e.: parking, water source, event location in the building, staging area, do they have all the tables we need, etc.
-Call and confirm events the day before the event make necessary changes, and answer final questions
-Record all booked events in the on-line google calendar
-Coordinate with Manager for the weekly employee schedule.
-Provide catering event information for coordination of upcoming events to chef and manager.
-Organize food tastings with potential clients who request one, or invite them to have one in order to close the deal and book the event.
-Order linens for catered events and arrange for decorations
-Attend and supervise large occasional events (as needed).
-Coordinate with baker and V.P of operations at least one week in advance to make baked goods for special events.
-Review and follow-up with event problems or client concerns as needed.
-Send “Thank You” notes to clients after each event to let them know how much we appreciate their business.
-Assist in client appreciation efforts.
-Assist with updates on the website and social media sites as needed
-Special projects as needed.

Education: High School Diploma or GED Required. Bachelors degree is preferred.

Must have:

Minimum of 1 year of experience working in hospitality services or in catering.
Demonstrated good communication skills, be dependable, punctual and works well with people.
Must eligible to work in the United States

Salary is commensurate with experience and education

Health Insurance available

Type: Full-time
Expires: 09/30/2021

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