Executive Assistant

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Executive Assistant

This is a rewarding and exciting long-term opportunity to work alongside senior executives and successful business owners as they grow their business and make a big difference in the world.

We are looking for experienced candidates who share our obsession with exceptional quality and service.
Loop Books team of talented professionals has left behind the daily journey because of the advantages of working remotely and the flexibility it allows them. As a world-class executive assistant, you will support entrepreneurs, small business owners and successful business executives with a wide range of tasks, and you will have the opportunity to develop new skills as you expose yourself to a variety of businesses and industries.

It will support business owners and senior executives with these types of activities:
Maintain appointment schedules by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences and trips.
Organize travel arrangements, including flight and hotel reservations.
Support for legal firms with administrative tasks as necessary.
Keep the client's time reading, researching and routing correspondence; writing of letters and documents; collect and analyze information; initiating phone calls
Email management.
Other executive-level administrative support as necessary.

Your skills and experience:
A minimum of 1 years of experience in a position related to administration and executive assistance, ideally working as a legal assistant.
Ability to perform multiple tasks and prioritize work as necessary.
Excellent time management skills.
Knowledge of online tools and software.
Ability to learn new tools quickly.
Excellent interpersonal communication and strong writing skills.
Highly organized.
A team player who is proactive, flexible, results-oriented and comfortable in a rapidly changing environment.
Ability to work independently and under the pressure of deadlines.

Type: Full-time
Pay: $60,000.00 to $65,000.00 per YEAR

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