Scaffold Yard Foreman

Job Description

Responsible for daily coordination of operations including but not limited to:
• Handling/preparing all equipment orders for delivery to jobs (marshalling, confirming correct counts, tagging by order)
• Training yard and drivers on equipment, handling and maintenance, recognition of parts/numbers
• Assisting outside sales representatives as needed availability of equipment,
• Coordinating paperwork and orders for yard, verifying counts, tracking down and resolving discrepancies, maintaining time schedules for delivery and pickup to meet E&D and customer expectations
• Overseeing freight shipments such as pulling packing list, verifying counts, correcting items, and signing off/documenting condition
• Maintaining adequate inventories on day-to-day rental items; notifying Operations regarding stock orders (hitch pins, toggle pins, common rental units, etc.)
• Performing cycle counts as needed
• Performing test counts on marshaled equipment and returns
• Planning and performing annual physical inventory (e.g. prepare yard, housekeeping, organization, coordination on day of inventory, overseeing final counts and requests for recounts if large discrepancy occurs)

Personnel Responsibilities:
• Oversee weekly time of drivers and yard personnel to control overtime. Need drivers to be here as long as possible during the day should trucking be needed.
• Responsible for training, handling personnel issues, safety coordination and any employee issues as they arise related to warehousemen and drivers.
• Maintaining written backup of meetings, discussions, disciplinary actions, etc.
• Establish a regular meeting schedule of drivers and warehousemen to discuss day-to-day issues and concerns; open discussions on processes and review/develop/implement procedures for safety, productivity and efficiency.

Job Requirements
• You will be required to walk the yard and conduct regular maintenance checks, ensure good housekeeping, conduct cycle counts, wearing boots and hard hat for safety.
• Operate forklift, assist with loading, unloading, pulling orders, maintenance, etc. in a “hands on” capacity
• Instruction on proper handling of equipment, who uses forklifts properly, always maintain safe workspace.
• Coordinate all paperwork with Andrea. Nothing comes or goes without proper documentation. Sales must get tickets from office before loading any request. Sales requests must come through Andrea not directly to Warehouse Foreman.
• Work outside in all weather conditions
• Must submit to pre-employment drug testing and background check
• This position lifts heavy objects, walks and stands for long periods of time and performs strenuous physical labor.

General Working Hours:
• M – F, 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
• One-hour lunch
• Additional hours may be required to meet demands of this position including but not limited to:
o Opening early or staying later for drivers, yard crew, E&D, etc.;
o Working on Saturday or evenings for emergency situations (rare)

Type: Full-time

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