Production Associate (Part Time)

Job Description

If you like working with your hands, computers, and electronics we'd love to hear from you. Net Irrigate is a manufacturer of telemetry hardware for agricultural irrigation systems. We have immediate openings for part-time manufacturing associates to help with the assembly, disassembly, testing, and kitting of our products. A day in the life of a manufacturing associate will consist of the following specific activities:

Testing and Quality Control
• Tests individual parts and hardware components and sorts by results.
• Tests fully assembled products and documents results.
• Follow serialization process and ensure items are recorded in tracking systems.
• Upholds quality control standards.

Assembly and Kitting
• Assemble quantities of hardware units as required by production schedule.
• Maintain optimal safety stock of finished goods.
• Kit items as necessary for upkeep of production needs.

Warranty/Rework Management
• Receive and record all warranty units in appropriate systems.
• Breakdown, account, and record all warranty units.
• Document all unit failures and determine next steps.

Inventory Control
• Ensure inventory levels are recorded daily and that they are accurate.
• Conducts monthly physical counts, reconciling variances and inputs of data.
• Works with Operations Manager to anticipate and determine when supplies need replenishment.

Warehouse Maintenance
• Ensure all equipment and tools are put away, accounted for, and work appropriately.
• Maintains cleanliness and safety of production area; including sweeping and waste removal.

Shipment Management
• Package, coordinate, and document all outgoing customer orders.
• Receive, verify, and serialize all incoming shipments with associated POs.

Core Required Net Irrigate Competencies
• Acts with integrity and responsible ethical behavior.
• Displays personal accountability.
• Recognizes that action is motivated by the company's best interest and not by personal ego or agenda.

Position Specific Competencies
• Careful, thorough, precise, and organized in completing routine tasks.
• Well-coordinated and systematic in normal business activities.
• Ability to identify problems or potential problems associated with normal business operations and proactively communicate with management.

Required Education, Skills, and Experience
• A minimum of 2 years' experience in a technology, quality control, or manufacturing environment.
• Ability to regularly lift and/or move up to 20 lbs., occasionally lift/move up to 50lbs.
• Experienced with light assembly work and/or electronics.
• Comfortable using hand tools such as pliers, screw drivers, and wire strippers.
• Experience working with soldering irons.

Performance Measures
• Minimal product defects and quality control issues.
• Appearance and cleanliness of production and testing areas.
• Minimal monthly inventory adjustments/variances.

Pay range: $8.50 - $14 per hour depending on experience level

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Net Irrigate

Net Irrigate is an industrial “Internet of Things” ag tech company that produces remote monitoring solutions for center pivot irrigation, pumping stations, and associated field instrumentation. Our mission is to facilitate, via simplistic hardware and software technology, the conservation of economic inputs associated with food production.

Founded in 2009, we are a small values-driven company with a very intimate team. Our core values stem from the pursuit of excellence in our products, services, and selves. We dislike inefficiency and aggressively work to remove it within our associated industry and company walls.

Our company has deployed over 10,000 devices across nearly 2000 agricultural enterprises. We have 3 issued U.S. patents and 1 additional patent pending. Several national publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine have featured Net Irrigate and its products in articles exploring agricultural innovation, remote monitoring, and IoT. These publications have promoted Net Irrigate as a market leader with cutting edge technological development capabilities.

2015 - Indy TechPoint MIRA Mobile Tech Award
2013 - Connected World Value Chain Award
2013 - Indiana Companies to Watch

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