Systems & Data Analyst (Internship)

Job Description

Net Irrigate is looking for a Systems & Data Analyst Intern interested in helping us revolutionize how farms manage their irrigation systems. The typical day of the Systems and Data Analyst Intern will include, but not be limited to, the following:

• Writing test scripts for our customer and internal facing systems
• Maintaining and cleaning data in our Customer Relationship Management system
• Mining and analyzing data for account maintenance and new business development
• Putting constraints in place to maintain data integrity
• Testing and implementing integrations between systems

The ideal candidate will possess the following core competencies:

• Interpersonal and extroverted
• Extremely software savvy and analytic
• Detail oriented and exceptionally organized
• Highly inquisitive
• Experience in MS Excel, SQL, Python, and the Microsoft .NET Framework

Degree Requirements: Pursuing four-year degree in information systems, computer science, or a related field

Desired Start Date: May 2018

Classification: Internship

Reports to: Chief Executive Officer

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Net Irrigate

Net Irrigate is an industrial “Internet of Things” ag tech company that produces remote monitoring solutions for center pivot irrigation, pumping stations, and associated field instrumentation. Our mission is to facilitate, via simplistic hardware and software technology, the conservation of economic inputs associated with food production.

Founded in 2009, we are a small values-driven company with a very intimate team. Our core values stem from the pursuit of excellence in our products, services, and selves. We dislike inefficiency and aggressively work to remove it within our associated industry and company walls.

Our company has deployed over 10,000 devices across nearly 2000 agricultural enterprises. We have 3 issued U.S. patents and 1 additional patent pending. Several national publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur magazine have featured Net Irrigate and its products in articles exploring agricultural innovation, remote monitoring, and IoT. These publications have promoted Net Irrigate as a market leader with cutting edge technological development capabilities.

2015 - Indy TechPoint MIRA Mobile Tech Award
2013 - Connected World Value Chain Award
2013 - Indiana Companies to Watch

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