Director of Technology Operations

Job Description

Director of Technology Operations at the proposed Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine

Summary of Position:

Provides leadership in the development of a strategic direction for technology services, gauging and anticipating the diverse needs of the College including academic and administrative computing, networking, support services, classroom and instructional technology, programming services, and telecommunications; monitoring trends and innovations in the industry to meet those needs; developing and implementing strategic long and short-term technology plans; making actionable recommendations to senior leadership; accountable for the administration of all media and information technology department operations for the College, including budget development and administration, network security and key performance metrics.


1 - Directs all administrative duties under the Information Technology Department
1.1. Directs the day-to-day management of department (facilitating meetings, ensuring adherence to college policies, practices and protocols,
preparation of annual departmental report and all other reporting requirements).
1.2. Develops departmental budget recommendations for approval and assumes fiscal accountability for prudent management of financial resources, ensuring adherence to college practices (preparing and submitting annually, monitoring expenditures, reconciling monthly, examining income/expense statements, assessing needs [operating and capital], ensuring optimal utilization of facilities and resources, following protocols, formulating recommendations, effectively documenting, etc.)
1.3. Oversees/manages direct reports and assigned department (defining/outlining roles and responsibilities, assigning tasks/ projects, coordinating cohesive productivity, providing guidance toward optimal performance, clarifying/instructing on duties, deadlines, and expectations; reviewing/conducting performance evaluations.)
1.4. Assisting with and serving as a resource for problem resolution (trouble-shooting problems, changing duties as demands dictate, delegating and /or re-distributing tasks/projects due to volume or extenuating circumstances, personnel issues administering “due process” protocols, crisis management, etc.)
1.5. Oversees department personnel record-keeping (vacation, holiday, sick time, etc.) monitoring activities, recording absences, directing the updating of files, etc.

2 - Ensures quality, integrity, and compliance, contributes to creating a culture of transparency, open communication and professionalism in decision-making and management.
2.1. Leads oversight in meeting and or exceeding departmental related governing body accreditation requirements (disaster recovery infrastructure, security vulnerability remediation, emergency operations contingencies, etc.) ensuring academic information and communications infrastructure (near and long-term system operations [network mapping, processes, service records] network capacity needs; network security, mission critical functions and disaster recovery, payment card industry (PCI) compliance, etc.) are adequately protected and adhere to applicable laws and regulations through annual internal and external assessments.
2.2. Develops and implements information technology vision for the College congruent with the mission, vision and strategic plan for all technology related resources (library electronic resources, computer labs, learning management system (LMS), contracted resources, defined service level agreements (SLA), [Internal and external to include vendor relationships])
2.3. Provides mentorship, leadership, defines and develops the Media and Information Technologies (MIT) operations teams aligning with evolving technologies (requiring new skills, cross training, workshops, and knowledge sharing identifying future talent, etc.) defining the organizational structure of the MIT operational teams.
2.4. Oversees all technology operations (production system readiness, global network support [firewalls, routers, switches, and other network appliances] access management, event communications, etc.), identifying and developing key performance metrics, (network up-times; planning, deployment and tracking of updates; eliminating unplanned outages [track root cause analysis, preventative action items]; daily operational procedures; [completion of IT initiatives, completion of help desk tickets, customer satisfaction, capacity planning, performance analysis, contingency planning]) to include operational reporting (audits, staffing efficiencies or constraints, environment stability or failure points, capacity forecasts or over-consumption, process strengths or weaknesses, etc.).
2.5. Support the strategic planning of the college (routine operational metric reporting, regulatory and audit requirements, technology related practices and procedures, etc.) beyond traditional teaching and towards the integration of technology into courses and college wide initiatives (maintains departmental relationships, drive continuous quality improvements, etc.).
2.6. Maintains knowledge of system and networking industry best practice in the identification, evaluation and acquisition of technologies in support of Colleges efforts in keeping abreast of the latest technologies (VR, AR, Al, loT, simulation hardware and software, GIS, etc.) as well as coordinate systems to effectively maintain and track records of purchased technologies.
2.7. Serve as the primary liaison and lead the strategic implementation to students, faculty, and staff on technology initiatives (professional development, innovation program implementation, reproduce and resolve issues, maintain high levels of departmental satisfaction, etc.), providing support and advice on the integration of technology-centric programming and activities into the curricula, labs and research activities. (asynchronous, synchronous, in-person and remote, etc.).

3. As relates to the department, actively engages in the advancement of the College
3.1. Builds collaborative partnership opportunities across and among various entities participating in networking opportunities, [internal and external partners, other colleges and universities, hospitals, local organizations, societies, etc.] promoting relationships with the College.
3.2. Refers to and coordinates in advance with the Communications team in the Office of the President on all media contacts, communications, and/or interactions to include message, promotion, etc. in which asked to serve as an official representative, content expert, or spokesperson on behalf of the College.
3.3. Coordination in advance with the Communications team in the Office of the President on all Noorda-COM related legislative issues to include contact with the national, state, and local government officials, whether in official College capacity or with a national, state or local organization.
3.4. Serves on various committees and teams within the College as assigned (attending meetings, contributing to discussions, sharing/exchanging information, and leading constituents toward goal attainment).
3.5. Contributes to College’s compliance with and in the development of required documentation as related to accreditation of all programs to which departmental content is contributed. (faculty adequacy model, gathering data, self-assessment, peer review, providing input/feedback, etc.) aiding in the attainment of academic compliance.
3.6. Participates in the production of various College materials [academic calendar, strategic planning, directory, College website, etc.] (collecting/preparing materials, organizing/formatting data, adhering to various deadlines, reviewing drafts, providing input/feedback, etc.).
3.7. Contributes to the College’s reputation/image of being one of the best osteopathic medical colleges (monitoring outcomes, partnering with internal and external stakeholders, modifying techniques, etc.)
3.8. Is knowledgeable of and remains in compliance with all institutional policies and procedures as outlined in the Employee Handbook for Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine.


Master’s degree (M.A., M.S.) in a technology related area, Business Administration, or other field of study, with significant relevant IT work experience. Preferred certificate in CISSP: Certified Information Systems Security Professional.

7+ years of experience in IT system administration and/or IT security assessment. Broad technical knowledge and understanding of current computing, telecommunications and emerging technologies; Significant experience in all aspects of information technology planning, development, implementation and management, including but not limited to enterprise resource planning, systems architecture, telecommunications, database administration, Web and social media development, security and compliance issues.

Skills & Abilities:
Highly professional with honest, genuine, direct communication style. Excellent interpersonal skills and emotional maturity with the essential ability to demonstrate tact, discretion and job diplomacy. Significant understanding of higher education and college settings. Budget and fiscal management experience with proven skills in negotiation of systems and component acquisitions, end-user and vendor service agreements. Proven track record of quality, integrity and trustworthiness. Ability to make common sense, consistent and fair decisions (based on fact and data) and have courage of convictions and tolerance for ambiguity.

Must be:
• Self-confident, strong leader, skilled decision-maker with ability to lead by influence and effectively communicate with various constituencies across the college.
• Exceptional at written, oral presentation and listening skills
• Able to work independently yet is an effective participant in cross-functional teams
• Self-motivated, self-disciplined, have a strong work ethic and capable in establishing priorities in an executive setting
• Flexible and able to adapt to changing priorities and effectively handle frequent interruptions
• Innovative, resourceful, detailed oriented, with excellent follow through skills
• Capable of balancing multiple projects in stressful situations while meeting deadlines, achieving desired results, and maintaining positive relations while understanding of the importance of confidentiality of data and information
• Have ability to be On-call on weekends and nights as needed

Must have experience with:
• Software and security architectures
• Security practices of Intranet and Extranet to include end-point security using Anti-virus, Malware and encryption monitoring tools
• Higher education environment including learning management system (LMS), University research needs, and student experience requirements
• Cloud infrastructure environment
• Virtualization, VMware and Hyper-V
• Products from multiple vendors: HP, Cisco, VMware, PRTG, Citrix, Dell, Sophos, Adobe (Captivate, Connect, Prime), xAPi’s, Google Apps, Microsoft Windows and Servers, Microsoft Online, and Apple products

Salary and Benefits:

Salary is commensurate with education and experience. Extensive benefits package available.

Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine is in the accreditation process with the Commission of Osteopathic College Accreditation for Fall of 2021. We are located in the beautiful Utah Valley in Provo surrounded by the Wasatch mountain range and Utah Lake. Our campus is in development for completion in 2021.

Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine (proposed) is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against individuals in any phase of the application or employment phase on the basis of race, religion, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition including medical characteristics, marital status, veteran status, economic status, genetic identification, political belief, or any other classification protected by applicable local, state or federal laws. We encourage all qualified individuals to apply.

Type: Full-time
Expires: 06/30/2020

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Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine (proposed)

The proposed Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine is seeking qualified candidates to support our unique, innovative curriculum designed for a modern day Medical School. We are in the accreditation process with the Commission of Osteopathic College Accreditation for Fall of 2021. We are located in the beautiful Utah Valley in Provo surrounded by the Wasatch mountain range and Utah Lake. Our campus is in development for completion in 2021 with anticipated enrollment beginning this Fall.

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