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Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine
Learning Specialist


This position is responsible for assisting medical students in all years with a focus on student relationships, ensuring academic achievement, building collaborative partnerships and contributing to institutional service activities; fulfills duties to further the mission of the department and college by participating in student education, scholarly activities, and service.


1. Upholds the integrity of student advising, tutoring and support through the Learning Services Department
1.1. Helps to identify and assist individual medical students that could benefit from academic support services.
1.2. Provides intensive one-on-one instruction in study skills and learning strategies to students.
1.3. Helps to identify, support, and refer students who are academically underprepared, including students with learning disabilities and/or accommodation needs.
1.4. Provides individual students with referrals to appropriate COM personnel.
1.5. Assists with all aspects of the COM tutoring program, including identifying, training and tracking of peer and faculty tutors and monitoring of the services provided and program budgetary needs.

2. Serves as an educator ensuring the quality, integrity, and defined standards for student academic support
2.1. Development and delivery of proactive education, academic support programming, and posting of materials that are generalizable to all medical students in the program
2.2. Develop and deliver training to Noorda COM faculty, educational leaders and teachers, and staff regarding best practices in supporting the academic success of medical students
2.3. Assists with the development, marketing, and implementation of learning services components of academic skills course and subsequent academic workshop series to include, but not limited to, instruction on time management, test taking, critical thinking, memory and concentration, study skills, and learning strategies.
2.4. Works effectively as a team member to enhance and improve programs, including potential opportunities for collaborative efforts within the department or with outside individuals, programs, or departments; building and maintaining a climate hospitable to creativity and innovation.
2.5. Develops and maintains a current working knowledge of various adult learning theories and student support approaches.

3. As relates to the department, actively engages in the advancement of the College
3.1. Builds collaborative partnership opportunities across and among various entities participating in networking opportunities, [internal and external partners [elected officials, state constitutional officers, business and community leaders] other colleges and universities, hospitals, local organizations, societies, etc.] promoting relationships with the College.
3.2. Refers to and coordinates in advance with the Communications team in the Office of the President on all media contacts, communications, and/or interactions to include message, promotion, etc. in which asked to serve as an official representative, content expert, or spokesperson on behalf of the College.
3.3. Coordination in advance with the Communications team in the Office of the President on all Noorda-COM related legislative issues to include contact with the national, state, and local government officials, in which asked to serve as an official representative, content expert, or spokesperson on behalf of the College.
3.4. Serves on various committees and teams within the College as assigned (attending meetings, contributing to discussions, sharing/exchanging information, and leading constituents toward goal attainment) to include advising and mentoring (Students, clubs, campus organizations).
3.5. Contributes to College’s compliance with and in the development of required documentation as related to accreditation of the College to which departmental content is contributed (faculty adequacy model, gathering data, self-assessment, peer review, providing input/feedback, etc.) aiding in the attainment of academic compliance.
3.6. Participates in the production of various College materials [academic calendar, strategic planning, directory, College website, etc.] (collecting/preparing materials, organizing/formatting data, adhering to various deadlines, reviewing drafts, providing input/feedback, etc.).
3.7. Contributes to the College’s reputation/image of being one of the best osteopathic medical colleges (monitoring outcomes, partnering with internal and external stakeholders, modifying techniques, etc.).


Education: A Master’s degree in related area required (education, learning services, psychology, counseling etc.)

Experience: Minimum of three (3) years of experience, in learning services role is required. Experience in a medical school preferred, but allied health or undergraduate experience will be considered.

Demonstration of effective performance in advising and service
• Evidence of effective, consistent mentoring of students, pre-doctoral fellows, post-graduate residents/fellows, and /or faculty and peers
• Evidence of creating opportunities for creative student support
• Evidence of familiarity with theory and practice of advising medical students
• Evidence of familiarity with committee work
Preferred qualifications
• Medical College experience
• Team management experience
• Grant-writing experience
• Education background with knowledge of and experience working with Learning Disabilities and accommodations.

Skills & Abilities: Highly professional with honest, genuine, direct communication style, excellent interpersonal skills and emotional maturity with the essential ability to demonstrate tact, discretion and job diplomacy. Ability to institute a comfortable learning environment necessary to maintain a dynamic curriculum with a vision for growth. Must have the ability to work diplomatically and effectively with a variety of internal and external constituents. Proven track record of quality, integrity and trustworthiness. Knowledge of higher education systems and advisement of students, preferably medical students. Ability to interact with individuals from diverse social, cultural, economic and educational backgrounds. Ability to make common sense, consistent and fair decisions (based on fact and data), and have courage of convictions and tolerance for ambiguity.

Must be:
• Able to institute a comfortable learning environment necessary to maintain a dynamic curriculum
• Self-confident, strong leader, skilled decision-maker with ability to lead by influence and effectively communicate with various constituencies across the college
• Exceptional at listening, writing and presenting orally
• Able to work independently and be an effective participant in cross-functional teams
• Self-motivated, self-disciplined, have a strong work ethic and capable in establishing priorities in an executive setting
• Flexible and able to adapt to changing priorities and effectively handle frequent interruptions
• Innovative, resourceful, detail oriented, with excellent follow through skills
• Capable of balancing multiple projects in stressful situations while meeting deadlines, achieving desired results, and maintaining positive relations while understanding the importance of confidentiality of data and information

US citizenship or permanent residency is required.

Pay & Benefits:

Pay is commensurate with experience and education. Full benefits package available for full time staff:
• Health & dental insurance
• Optical insurance available
• 401K Retirement
• Multiple supplemental insurance plans available
• Life insurance
• Short-term disability coverage
• Many other benefits available for full time staff

Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate against individuals in any phase of the application or employment phase on the basis of race, religion, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition including medical characteristics, marital status, veteran status, economic status, genetic identification, political belief, or any other classification protected by applicable local, state or federal laws. We encourage all qualified individuals to apply.

Type: Full-time

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Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine

The Noorda College of Osteopathic Medicine is seeking qualified candidates to support our unique, innovative curricular model designed for a modern-day medical school. We have received pre-accreditation status with the Commission for Osteopathic College Accreditation and enrolled our first 90 medical students in Fall 2021. Located in the beautiful Utah Valley in Provo, the campus is surrounded by the Wasatch Mountain range and Utah Lake. We will admit our second cohort of 135 medical students in Fall 2022 and have a new academic building under construction which is scheduled to open in Summer 2023.

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