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Regional Advisory Committee Member

Volunteer Position

The NorthStar Services Regional Advisory Committee usually meets quarterly at 1:30 pm via Go To Meeting or in person in Wayne, NE. This volunteer position is to be a member of the Regional Advisory Committee.

The functions of the Regional Advisory Committee are as follows:

1. The Regional Advisory Committee provides recommendations to the agency and to the Governing Board which aid in service delivery

2. The individual committee members act as ambassadors for the agency and carry out tasks as requested by the CEO and Governing Board

3. The Regional Advisory Committee assists the agency in taking action on supporting legislation as endorsed by the Governing Board.

Mileage for travel to meeting will be reimbursed.

More information and training will be provided upon acceptance to the committee.

Type: Volunteer

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NorthStar Services

NorthStar Services is an agency that provides services and supports to people with Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities throughout Northeast Nebraska. We have 9 area program offices and provide services to 22 counties.

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