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Job Description

Overhead Door Company of Greater Syracuse™ seeks to hire for the position of Sales Representative. This position requires exceptional prospecting skills and the ability to generate your own leads with limited supervision. The ideal candidate must be self-motivating, possess excellent communication skills and have the self-confidence it takes to be successful in this position. 3 years sales experience required with knowledge of the construction or garage door industry.

The Sales Representative is the primary interface between current and potential customers and Overhead Door. This position encompasses aspects of marketing, sales, promotions, public relations, and customer service as it relates to ensuring positive customer relationships and superior customer service.

The scope of responsibilities of the Sales Representative includes responding to prospect phone inquiries, providing job estimates (service, re-models, and installations), verifying required materials for jobs, promoting additional features and accessories, as appropriate, and generally representing the company to potential and existing customers.

Primary Job Functions:
• Solicit contractors, purchasing agents, homeowners, and architects and promote Overhead Door’s products and accessories wherever possible.
• Provide estimates/quotes for work when required and refer to the Division Manager for scheduling.
• Act as primary interface for customer questions or complaints.
• Review phone orders and check for accuracy of material requirements.
• Ensure all scheduled work is performed to the customer’s satisfaction and resolve any issues or problems.

Secondary Job Functions:
• Assisting customers by performing minor adjustments or repairs when appropriate.
• Educating customer relative to product and accessory fit to particular needs.
• Picking up required material at other branches or supplier locations when appropriate.
• Assisting with inside counter sales when appropriate.
• Providing appropriate service and maintenance of company vehicle, per company policies.
• Retaining an appropriate level of product knowledge for products offered.
• Attend manufacturer’s product training meetings, as required.
• Attending company safety meetings, as required.
• Other duties as assigned.

Services and Products Supplied:
• Provides estimates for residential and commercial customers.
• Acts as primary interface to prospects and customers.
• Provides work order and estimate verification for requested work.
• Acts as primary liaison to ensure accuracy and quality of work performed through personal inspection.

Frequently Used Tools and Resources:
• Telephone.
• iPhone
• Personal computer and associated programs and tools.
• Company vehicle.
• Extension and step ladders.
• Hand and power tools, as needed.

Targets and Performance:
• Performance against objectives established, including sales and profitability.
• Responsiveness to customer needs and overall customer satisfaction.
• Quality of relationships with commercial and residential customers, contractors and purchasing agents.
• Level of product and process knowledge.
• Conformance to safety and regulatory requirements and regulations.
• Rapport and attitude with fellow employees.
• Responsiveness to management initiatives and plans for improvement.

Internal Suppliers and Customers:
• Daily contact with Service Technicians/Installers.
• Daily contact with Division Manager.
• Daily contact with warehouse personnel.
• Periodic contact with Owners.
• Periodic contact with Safety training personnel.

External Suppliers and Customers:
• Daily contact with customers.
• Periodic contact with walk-in prospects and customers.
• Periodic contact with outside material and parts suppliers.
• Periodic contact with vehicle service providers.

Implications and Risks:
• Failure to be responsive to customer inquiries and requests can result in customer dissatisfaction resulting in lost revenue and a negative perception of the company.
• Failure to accurately evaluate work estimates can result in lost efficiencies and profitability for the company.
• Failure to recognize and act upon opportunities for promotion of either products or services of the company can result in lost revenue for the company.
• Failure to maintain a current knowledge of available products and services can result in lost revenue opportunities for the company.
• Failure to maintain proper vehicle maintenance can result in excessive service costs for vehicle repair.
• Failure to regularly record and monitor business results and trends can result in missed goals, opportunities, and reduced overall performance.

Working Terms and Conditions (may include, but not be limited to the following):
• The Sales Representative will report to the company offices each day to do appropriate planning and scheduling of the position’s assigned job responsibilities.
• The Sales Representative must be easily accessible during the work day to both Overhead Door’s employees and potential and current customers, whether in the office or not.
• The Sales Representative will spend approximately two-thirds of the workday outside of the company offices in the performance of assigned duties, including checking of jobs, providing estimates or any other support functions required.
• Much of the standard workday will involve travelling in a company vehicle between customer, supplier, and prospect locations.

Position Qualifications:
• Must be able to manage and appropriately prioritize several tasks and objectives concurrently.
• Must be able to handle confrontational or problematic situations with tact, sensitivity, and a calm demeanor.
• Must have mechanical aptitude which allow for the successful achievement of the assigned business goals and objectives.
• Must posses a current valid and clean New York State driver’s license.
• Must be able to pass a drug test.
• Must be able to read and write legibly and accurately.
• Must be able to communicate over a telephone – landline and cellular.
• Must be able to communicate in English.
• Must have basic arithmetic skills to allow basic addition and subtraction.
• Must have neat appearance and be able to represent the company in a positive and professional manner.

Core Competencies:
• Ability to plan, organize, and execute the daily activities required by sales, as well as the ancillary requirements described in the job description above.
• Ability to think strategically and assist in producing business goals and objectives required in the business planning process.
• Ability to treat suppliers and customers with decency and respect and to control personal emotions in confrontational situations.
• Ability to handle stress in a reasonable and effective manner.
• Ability to manage conflict and provide direction to employees in cases of uncertainty or conflict.
• Ability to maintain a positive outlook and attitude with respect to fellow employees and the management team.

Type: Full-time

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