Certified Nurse Assistant - hours vary

Job Description

1. Performs work as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) at Petersburg Medical Center.

2. Works with staff, residents and patients within a nursing home and hospital environment.

3. Protects patients’ rights, especially the right of confidentiality, at all times.

4. Performs additional duties as assigned.

5. Must work well with patients and public.

6. Uphold the mission statement and guiding values of Petersburg Medical Center

QUALIFICATIONS: Certified Nurse Assistant in the State of Alaska.

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Petersburg Medical Center

Petersburg Medical Center is a 27-bed hospital, 15 long term care and 12 acute care beds with an Outpatient Clinic, ER, Rehab, Home Health, Lab and Imaging departments.
Located in beautiful Southeast Alaska, in the town of Petersburg, is an opportunity for you to come and enjoy! The town of 3000 boasts the serene beauty of a small town founded by Norwegian-American fisherman in the late 1800’s with vast mountains and ocean right outside your window.

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