Registration Coordinator

Job Description

PMC Mission and Values
Our mission is excellence in healthcare services and the promotion of wellness in our community. Our Guiding Values are Integrity, Dignity, Professionalism, Quality, and Teamwork.

Job Summary
The Registration Coordinator is responsible for the coordination and supervision of all Hospital and Clinic Registration areas. The position requires detailed knowledge in registration, emergency department, scheduling protocols and billing practices as well as an understanding of how these areas impact the flow of work throughout the departments and organization. The Coordinator is responsible for developing and enforcing policies and procedures, monitoring the accuracy of registration and scheduling data entered by associates, ensuring that proper patient experience protocols are followed, monitoring work lists and clearing registration issues in various registration and billing work queues, and managing the overall training and coordination of work for other departments.

Included in these supervisory areas are -- staffing schedules and recommendations of coordination of program-related improvements and changes. This position is also responsible for providing information for and assisting with budget preparation. The position requires the ability to independently plan, schedule, organize and respond appropriately to a wide variety of subjects and situations. And, the ability to perform the duties of the staff supervised. Involvement in departmental and interdepartmental process improvement teams would be expected, proper judgement, sensitivity and strict adherence to PMC's policy on confidentiality.

Required Skills, Knowledge and Abilities
  • Knowledge of medical billing requirements, third party payers, coordination of benefits, scheduling practices and provider template management required.
  • Knowledge of managed care referral and prior authorization requirements as they relate to hospital reimbursement
  • Demonstrated performance excellence and leadership qualities in previous positions, aptitude and willingness to learn new responsibilities
  • Excellent communication skills - verbal and written, decision making, multi-task and problem solving skills required
  • Proficiency in PC software, especially Word and spreadsheet programs
Education and Experience
  • High school diploma or GED required. College or background in medical billing, coding, office related experience helpful
  • Minimum of 5 years' experience in a customer service setting. Previous supervisory / management experienced within a medical field
  • Knowledge of a healthcare or medical office, customer service, confidentiality, HIPAA and working with patients, staff, providers and customers

Type: Full-time
Expires: 09/30/2024

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