Courier Delivery Driver- Full or Part Time

Job Description

Our large and diverse customer base allows us to offer a variety of driving shifts. We can keep you busy and challenged or offer relaxed shifts with few deliveries. Some shifts have mostly lightweight, small packages while others can give you a workout.

No previous driving experience required, we only care you know how to drive safely and courteously. Need to be 21 or older for this driving job.

If you don't want to be locked into a schedule that interferes with your home life, vacations, commitments, and hobbies, apply today!

• Part time or full time
• Drivers choose the days of the week and the times of day they work
• Wide variety of shifts that vary by length, number of stops, rural vs urban driving, time of day, and vehicle type
• Early morning through late evening shifts to choose from, weekend shifts available
• Drivers can take a leave of absence for seasonal employment
• No minimum weekly hours required or cap on part time employee hours

Wage: $10.50 to $12/hour based on experience and performance.

Up to 40 hours a week. Weekly hours vary based on days of the week and times of day you choose to work.

Shifts range from 2 to 10 hours. Morning, afternoon, and evening shifts.

Couriers deliver a wide variety of items to multiple addresses driving cars, mini-vans, and cargo vans on timed routes.

Load, unload, prepare, inspect and operate delivery vehicle.

Legible handwriting required. Able to use a computer keyboard & mouse and a cell phone application.

Able to safely lift and carry a package weighing 35 pounds up and down a flight of stairs.

Safe driving enforced. Drivers who do not speed or drive aggressively will be noted by the vehicle's GPS tracking system and greatly appreciated.

Drive safely in all types of severe weather. Drive only as fast as weather and road conditions safely allow, even when behind schedule!

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Priority Same Day

Priority Express, Vermont's same day delivery experts, providing same day and next day package and freight delivery in Vermont and neighboring states since 1984.

Envelopes to pallets in GPS tracking equipped cars, mini-vans, cargo vans, cube vans, and trucks

Our 12,500 sq. ft. terminal is at 316 Engineers Dr, Williston, VT.

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