Supervisor - Janitorial Service Attendants

Job Description

• General cleaning, including, but not limited to: trash removal; dusting; cleaning restrooms, break rooms, offices; sweeping, vacuuming and mopping floors; window washing; Specific duties may vary depending on the List of Specifications required by the client at each location.
• Completing and Inspecting work for conformance to standards
• Must own a vehicle in good working order with a driving record with no major offenses. The job requires transportation in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.
• Ability to provide supervision, training, and certification of new employees, as well as give daily direction and worklists.
• Must demonstrate a sense of urgency in completing tasks.
• Responsible for their locations as well as supervision of others.
• Perform building walk-throughs and inspections as needed
• Must be able to read and explain SDS sheets
• Work with management on performance appraisals
• Replenish supplies and ensure adequate supplies are available and accounted for
• Maintain and repair equipment
• Must be dependable and be able to have flexible hours and work rotating shifts if necessary. Fill in for absent employees.
• These are the basic responsibilities; additional tasks will be added as needed.

• Prior Cleaning Experience Preferred
• Must have Supervisory experience in the previous job.
• Customer relations experience including handling any complaints, concerns or questions from customers
• Must have good communication skills and be able to speak clearly and correctly.
• Must be able to work without supervision.
• Must be able to work under pressure.
• Must show good leadership skills.
• Must have good people skills.
• Must have basic computer skills
• Knowledge of identifying surfaces and making recommendations for proper cleaning methods, systems, and equipment

Pro Janitorial Services will train the employee on the proper guidelines, procedures, and proper use of chemicals and equipment during initial training and on an ongoing basis. Employees are expected to follow these guidelines and procedures as outlined.

Type: Full-time
Pay: $22.00 per HOUR

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