Hotel Houseperson

Job Description

Hotel house-person work behind the scenes, maintaining and cleaning the hotel. They help housekeepers, clean hallways, take out trash and clean other parts of the hotel, such as its floors and doorways. They also respond to guest requests and help provide customer service.

Cleaning Duties
Hotel house-person help members of the hotel’s housekeeping staff clean and maintain rooms. They may flip mattresses, separate soiled linens, stock housekeeping supplies and help clean bathrooms and other guest areas. House-person also clean lobby furniture, doors and frames and empty ashtrays, in areas where the hotel allows smoking. Hotel house-person may also handle a hotel’s lost and found.

Hotel house-person maintenance duties begin when something breaks or needs a good cleaning. From painting walls and deep-cleaning carpets to repairing furniture, fixtures, televisions and other equipment in the hotel or in any of its rooms, hotel house-person must becomes jacks of all trades. Their duties can also include maintaining a hotel's HVAC unit and replacing air conditioning units and/or filters.

Customer Service
Sometimes, house-person respond to guest requests, such as when a light isn't working in a room or when the hallway ice machine isn't working. Because house-person will interact with guests, we require our house-person to know company policies. Hotel house-person should know how to resolve basic and standard problems, respond to requests and help make sure that guests enjoy their stays.

Housemen must be flexible in the hours they can work.
Basic schedule will be 4 days per week and 6 hours per day
Must be able to work outdoors without discomfort
Must have a clean criminal record

Education and Experience
At least a high school diploma or a GED.

Type: Part-time
Pay: $8.00 per HOUR

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