Pipefitters needed in Volusia County

Job Description

We are seeking an experienced, skilled pipefitter to join our growing team. In this position, you will be responsible for planning and installing all piping systems for our projects. You should have ample experience in welding, joining, and installing a variety of piping systems, as well as installing manual and electric safety valves.

Pipefitter Duties and Responsibilities
•Oversee and supervise project progress and provide reports on timeline, progress, and adjustments to job site manager
•Order, invoice, and manage materials and equipment
•Ensure all legal requirements, building and safety codes, safety inspections, city guidelines, and local and state regulations are met
•Configure pipe systems blueprint and plan piping systems layouts
•Ensure all steam, water, chemicals, or other liquids are turned off before working on piping system
•Precisely cut, bend, and weld metals such as carbon and stainless steel
•Clean and clear debris and hazardous materials from pipes as needed
•Install piping or tubing segments securely with welding or other equipment
•Thread, weld, solder piping together
•Consult with job site management for hole placements in walls and bulkheads
•Ensure pipe sizes, hangers, supports, and joint needs for accurate flow
•Cut and alter piping to ensure correct sizes
•Perform trial runs and tests on pipe systems
•Repair and reinforce broken, cracked, or inadequate systems or pipes

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RAMS' Resource Partnering Group (RPG) has offices in most major population centers throughout the State of Florida providing local, skilled labor and workforce development solutions to our customer base. RPG is a State-Licensed General, Residential, and Electrical Contractor that employs full-time benefited professionals in the electrical, plumbing, mechanical and other skilled trades. RAMS/RPG is a merit organization that provides fully benefited workforces to our customer base. Our customers typically take full advantage of our TEC programs and use JumpStart to reduce project labor costs.


◦Thorough Experience Verification

◦Placement Testing

◦Constant Performance Monitoring

◦Career Development Planning

◦100% Pre-Employment Drug Testing

◦Random Monthly Drug Testing

◦100% Safety Awareness Training

◦Felony background investigations

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