Welders needed in Volusia County

Job Description

◾Utilize plasma, gas or electric arc in welding metallic and composite materials together
◾Heat and dissolve metal parts to obtain molten substance used in welding or extrusion
◾Oversee the installation of tank linings, valves, lead pipes, and floor
◾Conduct x-ray, hydrostatic, and tolerance tests on welded parts to verify weld quality and conformance to specification
◾Operate manual and semi-automatic welding equipment in vertical, horizontal, or overhead positions
◾Use powersaws, chipping knife and hand shears in cutting, beveling, and contouring metal workpieces
◾Repair structures by dismantling, reshaping, and reassembling metal components using cutting torches and handtools
◾Maintain an up-to-date knowledge of local and international building codes/legal requirements
◾Monitor work equipment to ensure usage is within optimum temperature to avoid overheating or expansion
◾Prepare metal surfaces by cleaning with chemical solutions and wire brushes to remove impurities such as scale, rust, grease, and moisture
◾Design patterns and models for a welding project using specifications contained in a blueprint
◾Direct electrodes on or across metal workpieces to melt, bend or straighten them
◾Mount and secure workpieces on production equipment using cranes, hoists or banding machines
◾Conduct estimates to determine the amount and cost of materials required for construction
◾Mix and apply protective or decorative coat on finished products.


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RAMS' Resource Partnering Group (RPG) has offices in most major population centers throughout the State of Florida providing local, skilled labor and workforce development solutions to our customer base. RPG is a State-Licensed General, Residential, and Electrical Contractor that employs full-time benefited professionals in the electrical, plumbing, mechanical and other skilled trades. RAMS/RPG is a merit organization that provides fully benefited workforces to our customer base. Our customers typically take full advantage of our TEC programs and use JumpStart to reduce project labor costs.


◦Thorough Experience Verification

◦Placement Testing

◦Constant Performance Monitoring

◦Career Development Planning

◦100% Pre-Employment Drug Testing

◦Random Monthly Drug Testing

◦100% Safety Awareness Training

◦Felony background investigations

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