001 Retail Sales Associate

Job Description

Retail Sales Associate team members maintain retail locations and may be asked to:

-Assist customers with making selections for purchase
-Handle customer service inquiries
-Process flowers
-Rotate flowers for freshness
-Maintain flower display
-Clean cooler
-Water plants
-Clean vases and buckets
-Complete design preparation
-Assist with creating and maintaining retail displays
-Stock shelves and put away supplies
-Sweep and vacuum

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Rutland Beard Floral Group

Founded in 1923, Rutland Beard Floral Group operates retail flower shops in Maryland and New Jersey, as well as a floral wholesale and distribution center in Maryland.

While some of our positions are entry level, we provide many opportunities for advancement.

Benefits available include:

-Incentive and bonus pay
-Company sponsored retirement plan with company match
-Company sponsored health care benefits
-Paid time off (Holidays, Vacation, and Longevity)
-Generous employee discounts

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