Willow Point Summer - Cabana Server

Job Description

Cabana Server

Provide food and beverage service to members and guests in a professional and respectful manner

1. Set up side stations and performs assigned side work.
2. Provides menu selection on the POS system; immediate attention to members and guests; deliver food and beverage in a professional and respectful manner.
3. Delivers food and beverage to members and guests as well as clearing when finished; small children should be served first, followed by ladies and then men; ensure table has everything they need; check back with them in about 5 minutes
4. Keep work and member areas cleaned, organized and sanitized.
5. Report any complaints or disputes to the Team Leader or F&B Supervisors on duty
6. Cabana servers during the summer may be required to work in other areas of the club operation, such as tending banquets or restaurant operations.
7. As Willow Point employees, it is very important that we act in a very professional and respectful manner; it is also very important that we accomplish everything on the opening and closing checklist to operate effectively and efficiently.

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