Willow Point Summer - Club Server

Job Description

Food & Beverage Server
Provide knowledgeable food and beverage service to members and their guest, while maintaining professional distance, high ethical standards, and exemplary service standards.
1. Acknowledge members/guests and meet or exceed their expectations.
2. Provide immediate attention to all members/guests upon seating
3. Acknowledge members by their last name
4. Set up, stock stations, and perform assigned side work.
5. Distribute menus.
6. While a guest decides to order, answer questions and suggest menu items. KNOW YOUR MENU
7. Take members’/guests’ orders using pivot point system.
8. Correctly send order to kitchen using computer system, informing cooks of any special instructions, dietary requirements, etc.
9. Assemble food orders on trays; procuring items from each station as necessary.
10. Serve meal; place plates by course in front of each person; serve from the left side of the person with left hand, with main course at 6 o’clock.
11. Check to insure member/guest satisfaction, with emphasis on table maintenance.
12. Suggest dessert and after dinner drinks.
13. Verify accuracy of prices and other charges on all checks.
14. Present the check in appropriate manner at the completion of the meal without a lag time.
15. Handle members/guests charges as prescribed by standard operating procedures.
16. Keep tables, restrooms, and bus stations clean and tidy.
17. Handle any complaint to the best of your ability and always advise the supervisor immediately.
18. Perform clean-up and closing duties as assigned by manager/supervisor.
19. Attend pre/post meal meeting as requested.
20. Perform other tasks as requested by supervisor.

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