Banquet Setup

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Responsible for the setting up, cleaning, servicing and maintenance of banquet equipment function rooms and related service areas. Ensure guest satisfaction, the achievement of property and safety standards.
Review the BEO and day work assignments with supervisor.
Correctly and efficiently, set up and break down all department functions.
Keep function room area and storage areas clean and neat at all times.
Return all equipment not in use to proper storage area in clean condition before the end of each shift.
Check electrical hook-ups for proper working order and tape down all exposed cords for equipment in use.
Service/freshen all meeting rooms during breaks.
Perform periodic deep cleaning of banquet areas.
Assist guests whenever possible, referring all requests which are beyond scope of responsibility immediately to supervisor.
Be familiar with the various types of workable setups for each function room.
Check temperature and see if all lights are working and adjusted properly.
Working knowledge of AV equipment.
Assist banquet servers as needed.
Complete work orders on any damaged equipment for repair.
Is effective in prioritizing work; consistently manages time and processes to create maximum efficiency with minimum disruption or redundancy. Is time sensitive, understands how work and processes fit in with other departmental or business priorities and objectives. Is able to adjust work to accommodate expected and unexpected changes. Is able to gauge progress with respect to overall impact and results.
Can think and act independently with confidence.
Energetic and takes initiative. Is pro-active and persistent in pursuing and completing tasks. Strives to exceed expectations and goals.
Lifting, pushing, pulling and carrying up to 100 lbs to include serving trays, carts, tables, chairs, and small equipment up to 75% of the time. Balancing, stooping kneeling, crouching, crawling, reaching handling, throughout the shift. Mobility -full range of mobility and the ability walk long distances on a regular basis throughout the shift. Continuous standing -during preparation, during service hours or during expediting.
High school education or equivalent.

Type: Full-time

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