Produce Clerk

Job Description

Responsibilities for Produce Clerk
• Replenish stock and goods on display shelves
•Rotate products and goods according to the company's instructions
• Greet customers with a warm smile as they enter the store
•Help customers navigate their way through the store
•Create a positive and friendly environment for customers
• Assist with the customer orders by retrieving items from the relevant sections
•Remove expired products from the display
•Ensure shelves are clean and neat

Qualifications for Produce Clerk
•Experience in safe food handling in a grocery store preferred
•Basic knowledge of produce and grocery items
•Strong sense of hygiene and cleanliness
• Helpful and enthusiastic
•Excellent customer service and mannerism
• Friendly and approachable
•Able to stand and walk around for long periods at a time
•Able to move, lift and carry a minimum of 40lbs

Type: Part-time

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