Healthcare Coordinator

Job Description

Position Statement:
Will provide oversight and team consultation regarding overall healthcare-related concerns of Synstelien Community Service's (SCS) clients by evaluating, managing, and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. The HC will offer insight to caregivers regarding physical health care issues and provide consultation. The HC functions as a company liaison in relationship with other healthcare providers and will work effectively with ancillary personnel for successful interdisciplinary teamwork to ensure optimal care of SCS clients.

This position is part-time with an anticipated schedule of five hours weekly.

Education/Certification: Must be a graduate of an accredited school of nursing and there must be current registration with the professional board of nurse examiners of the state. LPN or RN
Driver's Licence: Must have a valid driver's license.
Experience Required: One year of previous related experience required.

Key Performance Areas:
1. Medication administration will be maintained with the highest level of integrity in compliance with laws, regulations, and company policy.
2. Provide and communicate comprehensive knowledge and understanding of general nursing theory and practice and work effectively with ancillary personnel for its successful implementation.
3. Client's medical needs are met with nursing support and training to ensure quality of care with the highest level of integrity in compliance with laws, regulations, and company policy with weekly assessments where applicable.

Type: Part-time
Pay: $25.00 to $40.00 per HOUR

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Synstelien Community Services

Synstelien Community Services is a licensed provider of residential community services for vulnerable adults. We provide caring therapeutic treatment and daily living supports for people with physical and developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and mental illness.

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