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Synstelien Community Services

Residence Manager

Job Description
POSITION TITLE: Residence Manager
DEPARTMENT: Community Residential Supports
REPORTS TO: Designated Coordinator, Executive Team
STAFF SUPERVISED: Assistant Residence Manager, Direct Support Professional
EMPLOYMENT CLASS: Full-Time, Hourly, Non-Exempt
SALARY RANGE: $14.75 - $17.75 per hour

To provide supervision of service delivery in a residential setting; providing orientation, training, coaching, and correction for direct support employees with the purpose of attaining the highest possible standards of client care. Additionally, this position is responsible for overall worksite supervision and management, and divides emergency on-call supervision duties for the site with the Assistant Residence Manager. This position provides direct supervision for direct care shifts each work week while providing clients’ personal cares and support for activities of daily living.

EDUCATIONS/CERTIFICATION: High school graduate or GED. Post-secondary education preferred.
EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: Two to three years direct care and one to two years supervisory experience.
o Good communication skills.
o Attentive to detail and accurate.
o Well organized. Cooperative and willing to assist others.
o Able to confront unacceptable performance in others with frankness and clarity.

MUST HAVE a valid drivers license and pass a MN DHS Background Study.

PERFORMANCE REVIEW AREA 1-PROGRAM SKILLS: All programmatic elements are maintained, updated, communicated and documented accurately. Effectively manage all key performance metrics within acceptable company expectations and budgetary guidelines.
1. All clients are safe and cared for with respect in accordance with the highest standards both internally (policy/procedure) and externally (County, State).
2. Evaluate staff completion and accuracy of all Behavioral support plans, ISP Programs, health tracking, and plans for community activities for clients.
3. Ensure all client appointments are properly staffed and ensure proper communications are routed and updates are made as directed by physicians.
4. Evaluate the effectiveness of current ISP Programs and assesses the team’s adherence to the prescribed methodology for each program, their comprehension of ISP Programs and Behavioral Support Plans, and their skills in performing personal cares and other activities of daily living.
5. Communicate all significant programmatic events with the Designated Coordinator and Designated Manager and appropriate SCS administrative staff.
6. Provide continual oversight of service delivery by all staff.
7. Notify day program provider of client absences, medical/illness updates, and other pertinent information.
8. Overtime is managed to a minimum and utilized only when absolutely necessary with proper authorization.
9. Scheduling reflects current staffing pattern guidelines and all budgetary variances are kept at a minimum.
10. All month end paper work is completed accurately and turned into the office by requested deadlines.
11. All petty cash, company credit cards, client financials, and company assets are properly handled and protected from unnecessary risk, misuse, or loss.

PERFORMANCE REVIEW AREA 2-PROPERTY OVERSIGHT: Ensure a safe and well maintained environment for clients and staff by meeting all Rule 203 compliance.
1. Ensure a safe and well maintained home for clients and staff by meeting all Rule 203 compliance through Otter Tail County, Federal OSHA standards, and industry best practices for worker safety.

PERFORMANCE REVIEW AREA 3-LEADERSHIP: Create an engaging working environment and promote enthusiastic involvement and development. Provide supervision of service delivery through training, coaching, and correction for staff.
1. Communicate the value of each employee by offering timely performance feedback, on-time reviews and performance evaluations, and the benefit of coaching for improvement when necessary.
2. Provide training support at the residence for initial orientation, and all mandatory and supplemental trainings necessary to ensure staff is effective in their roles.
3. Manage all scheduling needs for the home via the When to Work and Time Clock Plus systems.
4. Provide emergency on-call duties in partnership with the ARM for the home.
5. Communicate significant employment events to the Human Resource Manager and all other SCS Administrative staff as necessary.
6. Limit employee turnover by effectively supervising all staff implementing team strategies.
7. Medication Administration and Documentation errors are kept at a minimum for all staff. 8. Be an active, enthusiastic participant in all management trainings at the agency.

PERFORMANCE REVIEW AREA 4-PROFESSIONALISM: The personal commitment to uphold professional standards and values demonstrated through effective interpersonal skills, communication, time management, and problem-solving. Possess the ability to complete tasks in a timely manner with a high level of excellence. Be able to respond to situations and individuals fairly and effectively.
1. Demonstrates industry and company awareness; integrates key company messages into all interaction and communication with clients, coworkers, and the community.
2. Report directly to the Designated Coordinator for the accurate and effective delivery of client services.
3. Report directly to the Designated Coordinator for all residential compliance, procedures, and best practices.
4. Demonstrates leadership by example, modeling client support skills consistently and routinely for team members; shows no hesitation to work “should to shoulder” with members scheduling a minimum of 80% of hours worked as direct care supervisory shifts each week.
5. Ensures team members comply with company policies and procedures through observation, training, coaching, corrective feedback, and other disciplinary intervention as needed. 6. Consistently displays sound judgement and respect for professional and clinical boundaries in all interactions with clients to ensure a healthy, therapeutic environment.

About Synstelien Community Services
Synstelien Community Services is a licensed provider of residential community services for vulnerable adults. We provide caring therapeutic treatment and daily living supports for people with physical and developmental disabilities, brain injuries, and mental illness.

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Posted on February 4, 2013 at 8:04 am
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In a recent poll, 18 percent of employers reported finding content on social networking sites that caused them to hire or not hire a candidate.
Posted on February 4, 2013 at 8:04 am
Clean up your social media and get a job!
In a recent poll, 18 percent of employers reported finding content on social networking sites that caused them to hire or not hire a candidate.
Posted on February 4, 2013 at 8:04 am
Clean up your social media and get a job!
In a recent poll, 18 percent of employers reported finding content on social networking sites that caused them to hire or not hire a candidate.
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