Tape Edge Operator

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Tape Edge Operator


Positions mattress on table and operates sewing machine around table while feeding in materials to be sewn. Inspects/repairs/rejects product that does not meet the quality standards. This is the final mattress assembly operation before packaging.


§ Moves the mattress on and off table for sewing, operates sewing machine including feeding materials into sewing machine as the sewing machine is moved around mattress

§ Re-threads sewing machine as needed

§ Corrects any defective taping on mattresses

§ Changes the needle and binding tape for the sewing machine as needed

§ Makes any necessary sewing machine adjustments and handles basic maintenance of machine such as lubrication

§ Must be able to read specification and reports, such as tags and other documentation

§ Perform all duties according to established safety and efficiency procedures

§ Must be able to meet production goals according to established guidelines

§ Perform in process inspections to determine conformance with specifications

§ Report issues or problems with production process to immediate supervisor

§ Perform other duties as designated by a supervisor or manager

§ Must be willing to cross train across multiple jobs and/or departments



§ Must be able to stand and walk on concrete floors of minimum of 8 hours per shift

§ Ability to work and adapt to a changing work environment (examples, hot, cold, noise and around odors)

§ Must be able to lift 75 LBS according to production needs (anything over 75 LBS must be team lifted)

§ Must be able to wear required PPE

§ Minimum 18 years of age

§ Basic English reading/writing skills required

§ High school graduate or equivalent preferred

§ Previous experience in factory/warehouse setting highly desirable


§ Take initiative, multi-task, and work both independently and as a part of a team

§ Ability and willingness to work safely

§ Maintain work area safe and clean

§ Must be willing to participate in CI activities if needed

§ Must be able to work overtime as required

§ Must have good attention to detail.

Type: Full-time

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