Job Description

POSITION: Maintenance Technician

DEPARTMENT: Maintenance

HOURS: 8:00am-4:30pm, or 10:00 am – 6 pm, includes every other weekend, flexible for pm shifts when needed

SUPERVISOR: Security/Maintenance Manager

STATUS: Hourly, Non exempt status, Grade 3 on the Union Contract

DESCRIPTION: This position has several specific areas of responsibilities. The key aspect of this position is flexibility, in order to meet the varied needs in the area of building. The primary responsibility of this position is to maintain the safety and neat appearance of all common areas in the building. This includes daily and weekly cleaning routines as well as seasonal maintenance. This person will need to be able to convey information to residents, staff, and visitors in a courteous manner.

• Clean public bathrooms as needed on weekends.
• Maintain the bird Aviary.
• Vacuum and shampoo carpets.
• Wash windows and walls.
• Maintain all other floor surfaces. Wax floors as needed.
• Clean balconies.
• Assist in setting up Social Hall and emptying garbage.
• Mow grass and trim yard, maintain equipment.
• Snow blow and shovel walks and parking lots, maintain equipment.
• Clean garbage cans regularly.
• Sweep and mop common areas.
• Shampoo carpets as needed at end of occupancy and following annual cleaning schedules.
• Assist in the moving of large furniture as needed.
• Escorts to and from the SMDC clinic and St. Mary’s Hospital.
• All tasks necessary to provide a clean environment for the residents.
• Fill in for others when necessary.
• Acknowledge all radio calls and respond immediately.
• Notify proper personnel or authorities of safety hazards or emergencies.
• Observe and report any malfunctioning equipment or unlit exit lights, elevators, sliding doors, locks, or other machinery.
• Convey an approachable, courteous attitude to all persons when greeting people, giving directions, providing escorts, answering telephone calls, and attempting to solve problems.
• Maintain a neat and clean personal appearance.
• Demonstrate working knowledge of fire and disaster emergency plans, location of policies/procedures for Safety and Infection Control, use of equipment, incident reporting, and accident/injury policies.
• Exemplify the caring mission of St. Ann’s Residence through kindness, helpfulness, respect, and hospitality extended to others.
• Other duties as assigned by the Maintenance Manager.

• Previous handyperson experience desirable.
• High school education or GED desirable.
• Must demonstrate the ability to work cooperatively with employees, supervisors, and Department heads.
• Must be able to exhibit, institute, and uphold personal conduct on the job that is in accordance with St. Ann’s general rules of conduct.
• Must pass a Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and FBI criminal records check.
• Must be able to pass a job-related physical examination, including drug and alcohol test.

• Must be able to stand, stoop, bend, use a ladder, etc.
• Ability to run a flight of stairs, and rapidly respond to situations.
• Visual acuity.
• Must be able to lift 50-75 pounds.
• Full range of motion.
• Physically able and capable to assist with maintenance duties.
• Must be pleasant and courteous with the public.
• Must be able to verbally communicate with the public and effectively provide detailed information to a wide variety of people.
• Must be able to read policies, and write accurate/legible reports as needed.

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