Community Support Specialist-ACT

Job Description

1) JOB TITLE: Community Support Specialist (CSS) - Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

2) REPORTS TO: Manager of Mental Health Programs (Team Leader-ACT)

3) DATE OF REVIEW: December 2019

4) SUMMARY OF POSITION: As part of the ACT multidisciplinary team, to provide treatment, rehabilitation, advocacy, and case management services to program clients with severe and persistent mental illnesses and chemical dependency problems.

5) Responsibilities:
• Conduct comprehensive, ongoing assessments of program clients’ mental illness, physical health, housing status and other relevant needs
• Act as liaison and consult with community agencies and families to maintain coordination in the treatment process
• Link clients with supportive community services, enabling the client to become as self-sufficient as possible
• Write and implement individualized treatment plans with client
• CSS shall make routine and regular visits to client in and out of their apartments or other community locations, problem solving, and assistance with community survival skills (shopping, managing money, public transportation)
• Use personal vehicle to transport clients to and from appointments or to access community resources
• Act as liaison and consult with community agencies and program clients to maintain coordination in the treatment process
• Collaborate with other members of the ACT team during daily and weekly staff meetings
• Provide community support to people with serious mental illness at varying levels of intensity based on individual client needs for assistance
• Provide on-call crisis intervention in coordination with other ACT team members, covering nighttime hours and weekends
• Maintain St. Patrick Center client tracking system and client files, documenting client progress to maintain a permanent record of client activity
• Be responsible for agency policy regarding work hours, building security and all written personnel standards
• Ensure the care model by interacting with all other St. Patrick Center programs

6) Direct Reports:

7) Knowledge & Experience
• Bachelor Degree in Social Work or related human services field
• Understanding of mental illness and substance abuse
• Experience in counseling and case management
• Valid driver’s license, reliable transportation, and auto insurance
• Knowledge and understanding of community agencies
• Knowledge of federal, state and agency policies of client confidentiality

8) Skills and Attitudes
• Good communication skills
• Counseling and crisis intervention expertise
• Self-motivation
• Respect for clients and staff
• Sensitive to cultural diversity
• Able to work in a team atmosphere
• Detail-oriented
• Moderate computer skills

9) Relationships Required
• Report to and work with Manager of Behavioral Health Programs (Team Leader- ACT)
• Attend and participate in all appropriate St. Patrick Center meetings

10) Resources
• Travel expenses
• Off-site trainings
• Partner agencies

Type: Full-time

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