Manager of Women's Night Program (WNP)

Job Description

Job Title: Manager of Women’s Night Program (WNP)
Agency: St. Patrick Center
Department: Permanent Supportive Housing
Reports to: Senior Director of Permanent Supportive Housing
Date of Review: April, 2019

Summary of Position: To provide program planning and supervision to the Women’s Night Program. Research and implement evidence-based practices for this program. Provide counseling, assist with case management, crisis intervention, and support to the clients in the Women’s Night Program.

Duties and Responsibilities:
 Scheduling of all employees on different shifts
 Direct supervision of Women’s Night Program functions
 Provide individual counseling and assist with case management for the clients in the Women’s Night Program
 Supervise Women’s Night Program employees
 Manage all program activities input into HMIS systems Caseworthy and Servicepoint
 Act as a liaison with the Housing Resource Center following referrals
 Complete all reports related to grants received from grant funders
 Provide counseling, case management, and crisis intervention for clients
 Provide initial and ongoing assessment of clients’ progress and needs and update monthly
 Handle case management tasks as part of the ICM team
 Carry out specific grant requirements
 Coordinate services with behavioral health staff
 Oversee budget and implement spending based on program and client need
 Refer clients to appropriate community agencies, assisting clients when needed
 Understand and implement the coordinated entry process
 Provide ongoing assessments utilizing the VI-SPDAT and SPDAT
 Be an advocate for the women of the program
 Rotate weekly on call schedule with case manager
 Must possess current Class E Driver’s License (Missouri residents only)
 Other duties as assigned by supervisor

Direct Reports:
 Women’s Night Program Assistants
 Women’s Night Program Case Manager

Skills and Attitudes:
 Counseling and crisis intervention expertise
 Knowledge of trauma related therapies
 Proficient in written communication
 Self motivation
 Willingness to alter work schedule to monitor evening programs
 Good communication skills
 Respect for clients and team members
 Flexibility
 Understanding and knowledge of cultural diversity
 Recognize personal strengths and limitations regarding time, skill, and knowledge
 Able to work with a highly diversified workforce
 Able to adapt to a fast changing/paced workforce and position
 Ability to work with clients that struggle with Substance Use and Severe and Persistent Mental Illnesses
 CPR/AED/First Aid Trained
 Ability to communicate and work as a team member, especially with partner agencies
 Ability to build productive relationships
 Understand workforce demands and adapt to workforce tasks
 Ability to set limits with clients
 Ability to engage new clients
 Ability to assess persons and situations
 Reliable transportation is needed

Knowledge and Experience:
 Understanding of mental illness and chemical dependency
 Trauma Informed Care Trained
 Supervisory experience
 Experience in counseling and case management
 Bachelor Degree in Social Work, Counseling, or related area
 Class E Driver’s license if using agency vehicles or transporting clients

Relationships Required:
Report to Senior Director of Permanent Supportive Housing
Women’s Night Program budget

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