Substance Use Counselor

Job Description

Summary of Position:
The Substance Use Counselor helps the homeless veteran, substance-using population understand their addictions to alcohol, illegal substances, and unhealthy behaviors. The counselor also supports the collaborative efforts of the Intensive Case Management Team to handle the substance-use treatment, recovery, and stabilization efforts of program participants.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

• Intake, assessment, orientation, referral of Drug and Alcohol clients
• Reinforce long-term self-sufficiency goals and efforts and document progress
• Drug and Alcohol treatment planning
• Drug and Alcohol individual counseling and case management
• Must work in a team environment to provide comprehensive services to program participants.
• Assist client with referrals to AA/NA meetings
• Assisting client with transportation and support to AA/NA meetings. Also attend random recovery meetings in the community
• Collect and maintain log sheets that document client substance-abuse meeting attendance
• Conduct client drug testing as needed
• Assist client with transportation to court dates and other mandatory events
• Conduct mental-health screenings and facilitate necessary treatment
• Make in-home visits to observe indicators of the client recovery progress
• Facilitate relapse-prevention services
• Screen for potential use of Naltrexone therapy
• Make appropriate referrals to SPC Programs or other appropriate Substance Abuse Programs that include in-patient and long-term facilities
• Conduct and document 30- and 60-day follow-up on program placements
• Input client contacts, documentation and verification requirements into Caseworthy
• Complete daily and monthly departmental paperwork
• Update daily clients’ electronic files in the Caseworthy to include any contact with clients
• Cultivate strong relationships with area drug programs and/or hospitals to ensure placement and retention
• Refer clients to resources to address other service needs
• Research additional benefits available to enhance services.
• Coordinate and maintain client discharge records
• Participate in ICM team duties and tasks such as:
1. Team meetings
2. ISS development
3. Home visits
4. Programming
5. CTS documentation
• Keep an up-to-date and accurate listing of clients
• Responsible for the completion of departmental goals of case management as outline by grants
• Responsible for maintaining records and statistics for the completion of the Annual Reports
• Provide instruction in parenting and living skills classes as needed (crisis only)
• Assist with various clerical duties as needed (crisis only)
• Assist and complete special case management projects as directed by Department Management Staff
• Facilitate groups
• Other duties as assigned

Knowledge and Experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in related field required, MSW preferred
• MAADC, CADC, LCSW or LPC (preferably with substance use experience) required
• Experience with homeless veterans preferred
• At least one year experience working with low-income or homeless individuals/families
• Experience with wrap-around services preferred
• Experience in conducting home visits and family-centered casework
• Understanding of area resources to provide quality referrals for client needs
• Competent in cultural issues
• Well-versed in ethical issues in drug/alcohol counseling

Skills and Attitude:
• Adhere to the agency mission and policies
• Understands the importance of client confidentiality
• Understanding and empathy for the needs and concerns of low-income individuals
• Excellent listening, writing, and communication skills
• Ability to analyze problems and make sound decisions
• Excellent organizational skills
• Creativity in designing and implementing effective programs
• Able to give and receive useful feedback and instructions
• Ability to use Microsoft Office computer software
• Capable of working independently and/or in high stress environments

Relationship Requirements:
• Attend and participate in all St. Patrick Center and Employment team meetings
• Participate on community boards and committees that deal with veterans, homelessness, and substance use issues
• Veteran Service agencies
• Employment Department program staff

Resources accountable to:
• St. Patrick Center
• Catholic Charities

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