Long Term Substitute Teacher K-8 - Detroit

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Long Term Substitute Teacher Position K-8 - Detroit - Michigan

The New Year means NEW BEGINNING, and a FRESH START, and with it the reminder of our own power to become the people we wish to be, and leading the lives we always wanted.

Whether you are resolving to get more active, stress free, add skills to your resume, try something new or determined to find a job, the beginning of January is the perfect time to take stock of your life and start creating the changes you'd like to see in your future.
If you have a passion to make a difference or you’re looking for a rewarding career with flexible hours and quick hire, then look no further than Substitute Teaching!

1- Substitute teaching can help you decide whether to pursue a degree in Education.
2- There are few careers as rewarding as working as a Substitute Teacher. You're able to see the fruits of your labor each day.
3- As a substitute teacher, you have a flexible schedule, can make short or long term commitments depending on your availability and schedule. You can have the complete control of your career.
4- Your assignments can vary from one day to another.
5- Substitute Teaching can be a stepping stone to a permanent position with a greater job security and benefits.

Have a fresh start, TRANSFORM not only your life but the life of students. Apply today for a substitute teacher position and join the Superior Employment Services Community of Substitute Teachers. 60 Credit hours from an accredited University is required to be a sub with no less than 2.0 GPA average.

Move forward toward achieving your career goal for 2019...

Learn more and apply online Today to become a Substitute Teacher with Superior Employment Services at:
www.superioremploymentservices.comSuperior Employment Services is looking for Substitute Teachers to join our community of Substitute Teachers and make a difference in the classrooms.

Job Descripion:

- The ability to create and or follow lesson plans
- Provide a structured learning atmosphere
- Maintaining positive control of the classroom
- Monitor student attendance and behavior
- Develop classroom notes as follow up for the home room teacher
- Possess the ability to develop positive working relationships with students, administrators and staff

You are not required to have a teaching certificate for a Substitute Teaching position.

Required Education includes:

Minimum of 60 credit hours from an accredited college or university in any field with at least 2.0 cumulative GPA is required.

Required Experience:

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Superior Employment Services is a Substitute Teacher Company in Michigan that provides Substitute Teacher Staffing Services for Public, Charter, and Private schools. Substitute teaching with Superior Employment Services can be a stepping stone to a permanent position! As a substitute teacher, you can network with other teachers and administrators, who can provide valuable advice and professional connections. Subbing can also give you the opportunity build a positive reputation with the school which can lead to a permanent position. Join our growing network today and become a substitute teacher in Michigan

Apply online today and join Superior Employment Services community of Substitute Teachers.


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Superior Employment Services

Superior Employment Services is a Substitute Teacher Company in Michigan that provides Substitute Teacher Staffing Services for Public, Charter, and Private schools.

Superior Employment Services specializes in placing Substitute Teachers in daily, long-term, and permanent K-12 certified teacher positions in Michigan. With the teacher and Substitute Teacher Shortage in Michigan over the past few years, Superior Employment Services has established education placement services to provide dynamic solutions to school districts and professional opportunities to passionate educators.

Substitute teaching with Superior Employment Services offers many different benefits and makes for a rewarding career change for anyone who enjoys teaching. Superior Employment Services works with local school districts to provide them with substitute teachers and support staff.

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