Assistant House Manager

Job Description

Basic Academic Qualifications: A high school diploma and two years’ experience working with individuals with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities.

Basic Responsibilities: To manage a traditional Group Home (GH) serving as the primary residence of individuals with developmental/ID and physical disabilities. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

A. Overall Responsibilities

The Assistant House Manager knows and complies with all required policies, procedures, regulations and guidelines of Target and has a clear understanding of the specific regulations used in his/her department. He/she is in compliance with the regulations and guidelines when carrying out duties and responsibilities.

Successfully completes all required in-service trainings and completes re-certifications as required; demonstrates a clear understanding of the issues presented in trainings; is eager to expand knowledge; keeps current with relevant changes and takes appropriate steps to obtain needed information.

Performs all Assistant House Manager duties in accordance with the philosophy, mission and goals of the agency.

Works cooperatively and professionally with supervisors, coworkers, family members of clients, and guests; demonstrates tact and diplomacy; is supportive, respectful and cooperative with others; and works well as part of the Target team.

Takes appropriate action based on circumstances; provides pertinent and comprehensive information to supervisory personnel; keeps family members up to date as outlined in the client’s program plan.

Demonstrates the ability to manage personal time by being punctual and gives sufficient notice to immediate supervisor in case of tardiness or absenteeism; completes assignments on time.

Acts as an appropriate role model for the clients; chooses appropriate personal attire based on the circumstances; maintains appropriate overall appearance and demonstrates proper personal hygiene.

B. Management and Administration

Completes bi-weekly payroll by reviewing time sheets, making corrections, and submitting to the Director by 10am every other Monday.

Assures GH staff complete required DDA and agency trainings; trains and models for DSP’s on client programs, schedules and daily paperwork.

Conducts and supervises every day maintenance of GH.

Works with all other levels of the program by participating in planning meetings, community meetings, and communicating concerns and suggestions, either written or verbally.

Assists the Director with receipts, reports of expenditures, and with the budget.

C. Client Issues

Supervises DSP implementation of programs and interactions with the house. Provide positive and/or corrective feedback as necessary.

Assists the clients in receiving medical, dental, psychological, and other specific services by scheduling appointments, providing transportation, and documenting all medical interventions and recommendations.

Follows up on physician and nursing recommendations in a timely manner.

Maintains regular contact with family and team members of the client, and communicates with them in a professional manner.

D. Client Issues (Direct Care)

Assists the clients in their daily routines of personal care and grooming according to needs of the GH.

Maintains physical ability to restrain clients as needed according to their behavioral program plans. The position also requires a lifting ability of 50 or more pounds.

Assists the clients in the development of leisure and recreation time activities by participating in these activities as defined by the PCP and by serving as an advocate for community participation whenever appropriate.

Maintains a family-type atmosphere for clients by meal planning and preparations, providing nutritionally balanced meals, and helping clients to acquire appropriate independent living skills.

Maintains a healthy, safe, clean and organized environment for the individuals being served within the GH.

Communicates instructions and directions to the clients in a manner that is easily understandable. This requires fluency in speaking the primary language of the clients.

Demonstrates a willingness to perform essential job functions and duties with the safety of the clients as a top priority; adheres to and complies with all safety guidelines taught in trainings.

Other duties as assigned by the house manager and director as necessary to provide appropriate care and support of Target’s clients.

In addition to the direct care shifts of every other weekend, the Asst. House Manager serves as the on-site manager on-call for every other weekend and completes weekend administrative tasks.

Holiday’s may be required depending on the needs and schedule of each site, position eligible for holiday pay.

E. Evaluation

After initial 3-month period by Director, then annually thereafter.

F. Terms of Employment

Full-time non-exempt hourly position, 40 hours per week ($18.00), eligible for overtime as approved by supervisor. Hours may fluctuate depending on the needs of the site. Placement subject to change depending on the staffing shortages among the residential program. Accrued paid time off to be approved by Director prior to use.

Type: Full-time

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