Community Living Manager-- Master's Degree Program (McDaniel College)

Job Description

In 1983, the year of its founding, Target Community & Educational Services, Inc. (Target) started a unique and innovative partnership with McDaniel College to provide a Master’s Degree Program in Human Services Management. This program, designed to train individuals for leadership positions in community-based human services programs, has become the core of Target's Community Living Program.

Individuals hired by Target Community & Educational Services, Inc. to serve as Community Living Managers (CLMs) must complete the two-year, 33 credit-hour masters program while they work as live-in house managers in one of Target's homes or in the apartment program.
Graduate students in this program receive a 75% tuition scholarship, an annual stipend, free room and board and health care benefits.
Each graduate student works an average of 40 hours per week in his/her Target home, shares responsibilities with a second McDaniel graduate student and has community living assistants working with them to help support the clients with disabilities who live in the home.
Candidates must have a bachelor's degree with an undergraduate GPA of 2.7 or above and must hold a valid driver's license with less than three points.

This partnership between Target and McDaniel College has many benefits, but two are paramount. First, the graduate student CLMs working in one of Target's homes or in the apartment program gain both an academic degree and practical experience that will prepare them to assume roles as leaders in human services organizations around the country. Second, Target's residential clients benefit from having motivated and highly-educated house managers who will remain in their homes or apartments during their two-year academic program.

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