Employment Specialist

Job Description

POSITION SUMMARY: To develop employment opportunities for clients that matches their desires, interests and abilities, and encourages independence, as well as personal and professional growth in an employment environment.

QUALIFICATIONS: Associates degree in a Social Science or Human Services discipline preferred with experience in sales, marketing or a human services related field preferred. A minimum of 2 years’ experience working with individuals with physical, developmental or intellectual disabilities is also preferred. An excellent driving record and personal background clearance is mandatory.


1. Knows and complies with all required policies, procedures, regulations and guidelines of Target Community & Educational Services and has a clear understanding of the specific regulations used in his/her department. Is in compliance with the regulations and guidelines when carrying out duties and responsibilities.

2. Successfully completes all required in-service trainings and completes re-certifications as required; demonstrates a clear understanding of the issues presented in trainings; is eager to expand knowledge; keeps current with relevant changes and takes appropriate steps to obtain needed information.

3. Performs duties in accordance with the philosophy, mission and goals of the agency.

4. Works cooperatively and professionally with supervisors, coworkers and guests; demonstrates tact and diplomacy, is supportive, respectful and cooperative; and works well as part of a team.

5. Regarding efficiency and effectiveness, takes appropriate action based on circumstances; provides pertinent and comprehensive information to supervisory personnel.

6. Regarding punctuality and dependability, demonstrates the ability to manage personal time by being punctual and gives sufficient notice to immediate supervisor in case of tardiness or absenteeism.

7. Acts as an appropriate role model for the clients. Chooses appropriate personal attire based on the circumstances. Maintains appropriate overall appearance and demonstrates proper personal hygiene.

8. Regarding Educational Status/Goal setting--Is actively attending classes, workshops, etc. to improve work skills.


1. The Employment Specialist will meet with new and existing clients, and other interested parties, to ensure the job development plan is put into place, and is correctly implemented.

2. The Employment Specialist will perform community job development to ensure paid job placement and opportunities within Montgomery County meet the requirements for Employment Services as outlined by the Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).

3. The Employment Specialist will meet frequently with the client(s) to ensure that the job development plan is on track.

4. The Employment Specialist will develop and implement appropriate interviewing skills with clients.

5. The Employment Specialist will facilitate communication between clients, employers, and coworkers ensuring that all methods in use are in accordance with current policies.

6. The Employment Specialist will transport clients to and from scheduled interviews and trainings as needed, in a safe manner and in accordance with current policies.

7. The Employment Specialist will ensure that all job tasks assigned to clients are completed to the employers’ standards.

8. The Employment Specialist will follow daily schedule and document work time accurately in current systems (i.e. Paylocity).

9. The Employment Specialist will ensure that all State of Maryland mandated documentation related to the provision of services to clients is completed accurately in current systems (i.e. CIMS) and submitted in a timely manner.

10. The Employment Specialist will support individuals in achieving their vocational goals, as outlined in their Person-Centered Plans (PCPs); collect goal data accordingly in current systems (i.e. CIMS).

11. The Employment Specialist will attend all scheduled orientations with the client, ensuring compliance with the employers’ requirements and will provide any travel training necessary prior to turning the client over to Supported Employment for job coaching services.

12. The Employment Specialist will use our company vehicles for work related tasks. A company car will be used for all client transport. Mileage reimbursement is available when personal transportation is used for work related tasks, but not preferred.

OTHER RESPONSIBILITIES: Other duties as assigned and as required.

SUPERVISION: Supervised by Employment Development Manager and others in Management including: Director of Vocational Services, Supported Employment Manager, & Vocational Manager.

EVALUATION: After initial three-month period (90 days) and then annually thereafter during term of employment by the Montgomery County Employment Development Manager.

TERMS: Work schedule and conditions of employment are in accordance with policy of the current Board of Directors. This is a Class 1, salaried, non-exempt position. Scheduled hours may fluctuate to meet the needs of the clients.

Type: Full-time

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