Clerk - BMH

Job Description

Serves patients and staff by providing timely assistance and information regarding accounts and claims.

Job Duties:
  • Responsible for daily reviewing and working claims edits and reports
  • Review claims for accuracy and readiness for submission
  • Submitting insurance claims to various payers electronically and/or paper
  • Working on claims submission system to release clean claims to payers
  • Review and work denial management system to resolve payment issues
  • Follow-up on delayed claim payments by calling insurance companies
  • Working credit balance report to resolve overpayments
  • Dealing with patients and family members accounts and making payment arrangements

High school diploma or GED required. Associates degree preferred.

Previous Experience is Highly Desired.

  • Telephone etiquette
  • EMR/EHR Experience
  • Customer Service
  • Insurance payer requirements
  • HIPPA compliance
  • Attention to Detail
  • Knowledge of Claim Submission Process
  • Quality Focus

Type: Full-time

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