Clinical Coordinator/Staff Dev. ( LPN/MA/CMA ) - CLN

Job Description

Assists the practice administrator with managing the physician offices, including organizing staffing, workflows, EMR systems, budget planning, supply management, and offices. Works closely with Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, LPNs, Certified Medical Assistants, & Medical Assistants in the clinic/office setting to maintain competence in care delivery and to ensure clinical staff adheres to clinic policy.

Job Duties:
  • Assist Practice Administrator with ongoing performance improvement monitoring to evaluation quality and effectiveness of clinical care.
  • Assists Practice Administrator with planning and coordinating the ongoing daily staffing schedules for each physician practice, including obtaining substitute staff to cover any employee callouts. Collects work, vacation, sick, FMLA and personal leave time requests to assist with completing the payroll timesheets.
  • Fills in as a PRN clinic staff member to assist with Physicians and Nurse Practitioners when necessary if no other clinic staff members are available.
  • Interviews new clinical staff and makes suggestions to the Practice Administrator for any new hires. Assists completing new hire paperwork that is required prior to orientation for new hires.
  • Orients new clinical staff to the clinics including training new staff on the Electronic Health Record.
  • Assists Practice Administrator identifying any areas of improvement and helps ensure the clinical staff delivers patient care in a manner that preserves/protects patient dignity and rights.
  • Assists the practice administrator with the ongoing clinical staff performance appraisals, continuing education, and any required certifications. Makes recommendations to the practice administrator for any staff discipline, or dismissal.
  • Under the direction of the Practice Administrator, collaborates with physicians and nurse practitioners to determine the educational and training needs of the clinical staff in each office. Assists with the development of policies and procedures and resolution of problems.
  • Maintains working and mutually respectful relationship with co-workers, physicians, nurse practitioners, department managers and executive team.
  • Contributes to professional development of peers through sharing of knowledge and skills and providing constructive guidance regarding their practice.
  • Participates in health fairs and helps to coordinate other community projects.
  • Monitors ordering of medical supplies and making sure the clinics are not overstocked.
  • Assists maintaining and keeping CLIA certificates current.
  • Responsible for assisting the Practice Administrator with ongoing audits for the physician offices in order to prepare for site visits by organizations including RHC, DNV, etc., etc.
  • Responsible for assisting Practice Administrator researching and understanding Clinics Meaningful Use and MIPS requirements. Enters and uploads information required for Clinics Meaningful Use and MIPS reporting.
  • Stay current with new DNV requirements for the Clinics and assist with DNV survey and any needed corrective action.
  • Assist Practice Administrator with any special projects, including Meaningful Use Audits, Flu Vaccine Inventory, etc.
Technical College Certification as a Certified Medical Assistant or a Licensed Practical Nurse. Associates Degree from a recognized college or university.

Minimum of 3 years experience as an office nurse / Certified Medical Assistant with supervising responsibilities required. Healthcare management experience preferred. Previous experience in physician office or other healthcare outpatient setting preferred or previous experience in hospital setting required.

  • Must have strong leadership, management and organizational skills.
  • Must have a thorough knowledge of clinical protocol and procedure.

Type: Full-time

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