Comptroller - Full Time - Day Shift

Job Description

The Comptroller leads the entire control team and ensures that all financial activities, records, and reports in the business accurately represent the business’s financial state of affairs.

Job Duties:
Oversees all departmental activities and ensures that accountants execute their duties efficiently.

Works to avail a favorable departmental climate by adopting communication and integration processes, motivational practices, fair treatment, and excellent interpersonal relations with control personnel.

Strives to ensure that there is a constantly favorable institutional image for the business through business responsibility actions and transparency in all financial matters.

Ensures that generally accepted accounting standards are applied across the financial department and that they are adhered to in the preparation of all financial statements and reports.

Maintains compliance in regard to all financial policy and regulations.

Ensures that all members of the control department have clearly defined roles and accountabilities and that personal development plans are in place to enable achievement of departmental goals.

Mentors departmental members, overseeing their training and professional development, and readying them for the success.

Responsible for the preparation of budgets inclusive of manpower, capital, overhead, and variances analysis.

Formulation of periodic cash flow projections, business plans, forecasts, and long-term financial goals and leads implementation and development of internal financial controls.

Management of the business’s financial systems inclusive of the development and maintenance of financial models for long-term use.

Charged with the development, implementation, and maintenance of fixed asset control systems as well as the development and implementation of risk management systems.

Monitors the payments to creditors, banks, and financial institutions, ensuring the maintenance of the business’s integrity.

BS in Finance or Accounting - MS and CPA preferred, Minimum 7 years experience in a senior accounting position, Exceptional communication skills, Strong reporting and presentation skills, Expert working knowledge with MS Office Suite, Experienced with common financial software, Organizational development skills, Leadership skills

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