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Job Description

Performs the necessary job duties to provide optimum quality patient radiographs with ALARA radiation exposure. (Allow as reasonably achievable)

Job Duties:
Performs diagnostic radiographic services.

Operates imaging equipment.

Operates other equipment/devices as appropriate.

Positions patients needed to image requested anatomy.

Immobilizes patients as necessary to prevent radiographic distortion.

Calculates exposure factors for optimum radiographic quality with lowest absorption dose.

Practices radiation protection for patients, family members, other employees and self.

Evaluates radiographs for technical quality and demonstration of desired anatomy.

Assumes care for physical and psychological needs of patients while in Medical Imaging Department.

Practices acceptable injection control and maintains aseptic technique as necessary.

Assists with administration of contrast media as needed.

Assists physician with imaging procedures.

Initiates life support measures to patients when necessary.

Is able to lift up to 50 pounds correctly.

Maintains patient records

Assumes responsibility for assigned area.

Promotes a climate conductive to learning for co-workers.

Assists personnel with patient care as needed.

Rotates schedule within the department and/or other shifts as required.

Assists and/or transports patients using wheelchair or stretcher as conditions warrant. Request help as needed.

Current AMA Accredited Licensure, Valid National Registry Certification, EHR/EMR Experience, Supply Management, Verbal Communication, Infection Control, Creating a Safe, Effective Environment, Organization, Scheduling, Professionalism, Customer Focus, Confidentiality, Bedside Manner, Medical Teamwork

Type: Other

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