Metallurgist (Travel)

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The Platform Metallurgist works to ensure the quality and integrity of casting metallurgy and the soundness of foundry melting and pouring practices for foundries throughout the Lawton Standard platform.  They also investigate and conduct experiments concerned with physical characteristics, properties, and processing of castings to develop new alloys, applications, and methods of production.



TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS:  50% on average



·       Lead in developing and implementing melt department procedures and processes;  continuously work to improve upon Lawton Standard’s approach to production of iron and steel castings


·       Develop the most effective and cost effective charge metal mix by balancing customer needs for quality with the cost and availability of materials


·       Assess and evaluate melt department reports and guide their ongoing improvement;  review reports to ensure the department is operating as it should;  in conjunction with the Quality Manager, provide training and counsel for melt department personnel as needed


·       Develop melting, pouring, heat treating, cooling, and related processes to obtain desired casting properties and characteristics at the lowest total cost


·       Work with the Quality Manager and Plant Operations Manager to analyze, identify, and cure root causes of casting scrap;  work with customers and the Quality Manager to solve metallurgical problems


·       Investigate customer specifications, develop appropriate production and/or post production testing procedures, and provide required cost information to ensure Lawton’s ability to profitably produce iron and steel that meet all customer specifications


·       Investigate and/or determine metal specifications for each new alloy or application;  advise as needed on rigging standards (i.e., gating, risering, chilling, etc.);  create and maintain knowledge base of metallurgical information


·       Work with the Quality Manager to select and certify all melt material suppliers and to develop and implement an on-going review process


·       Ensure that appropriate tests are conducted to measure hardness, mechanical, and other properties for manufacturing purposes or to determine compliance with manufacturing specifications and standards


·       Manage the in-house metallurgical testing process – develop procedures for use of the spectrometer and ensure they are understood and followed; maintain records as appropriate; work with vendor and/or operator to ensure proper calibration and operation;  proper work with spectrometer operator(s) to ensure their ability to maintain Lawton Standard’s testing and quality standards


·       Monitor all heats for compliance with internal standards; investigate any deviations found and report them to the Quality and Plant Operations Managers;  analyze all aspects of melt including slag make up



·       Consult with outside engineers and others to develop methods of manufacturing alloys at minimum cost


·       Conduct microscopic, x-ray, x-ray diffraction, spectroscopic, and other studies of metal and alloy samples to determine and/or ensure their physical characteristics such as crystal structure, dispersion of alloy particles, and presence of impurities, fractures, and other defects.






            Education:      Bachelor’s Degree in metallurgy, materials science, or metallurgical



Experience:    Minimum of three years of iron and/or steel foundry experience and/or training; or

                                    equivalent combination of education and experience.






·       Deep understanding of correct foundry melt processes and practices, casting metallurgy, and metallurgy-related casting defects and their causes


·       Ability to read, analyze, and interpret blueprints, customer orders (specs), and related technical and/or legal documents


·       Ability to respond to inquiries or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies, etc.


·       Good presentation skills (to customers, top management, public groups, and/or Board of Advisors)


·       Good people skills; interact well with customers and foundry personnel to accomplish goals


·       Excellent problem-solving skills; must be detail oriented


·       Must be team oriented, ethical and trustworthy


·       Must be flexible and able to adapt to and embrace change


·       Must know how to use relevant computer hardware and software.

Type: Full-time

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