ERP and Online Channel E-Commerce Data Specialist For Immediate HIre

Job Description

An ideal candidate for the ERP specialist position will be a technical-minded person who is able to understand the complex system and juggle multiple systems at the same time. They will be flexible and will need to be able to incorporate multiple perspectives and needs into a cohesive whole. A combination of people skills, technical ability and an eagerness to learn are needed. As the field evolves fast, the job changes frequently and requires a fast-thinking individual. In addition, some more specific skills are needed, such as those below.

Technical/Coding Skills – The job of our ERP specialist is based around troubleshooting and upgrading the ERP software. As such, the ideal candidate will come in with extensive knowledge of software and coding, and a readiness to learn new programs as they are introduced and incorporated.

Problem-Solving Skills – Our ERP specialist will be on call to handle any issues with the ERP Software. They will need to be able to think creatively and resolve problems to ensure the smoothest possible experience for users of the ERP software.

Communication and Presentation Skills – The ERP specialist is responsible for presenting a full plan to management, as well as for teaching the ins and outs of the upgraded system to employees. As such, they will need strong communication skills to be able to get complex ideas across in an easy-to-understand fashion.

ERP specialist Tools of the Trade
ERP Software – The majority of our ERP specialist’s job will center around our Odoo ERP system and our Magento Platform.
Smartphone – An ERP specialist must be on call to handle sudden updates. We require experience with an up-to-date smartphone with e-mail capability.
Coding Software – An ERP specialist will be responsible for upgrades on the ERP system, and as such should be familiar with a suitable coding language and software.
Spreadsheets – Tracking data and performance is an essential part of the job. Using tools like Excel and other spreadsheet software makes it possible to organize months of data into an easy-to-read format.

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