Seasonal - Party and Tent set up

Job Description

ABC Hardware & Rental is hiring happy, hard-working staff for our tent and inflatable division. Our crews work outside all summer long and enjoy a nice tan and a workout while driving around in our company trucks and enjoy making families smile with happiness as you install their special event so they can make amazing memories with their loved ones.

At ABC Hardware & Rental you get paid to work out!

  • Develop muscles 💪 you never imagined you would have
  • Get a nice tan for the beach ⛱️ 😎
  • Great practice and experience working In the field and communication with the public.  
  • Make families happy 😊

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About is a family of businesses specializing in the manufacturing of high quality inflatables, tents, tables, and chairs. We are experts in creating unique and innovative games. is always searching for creative, fun, hard working team members to join our team and support our explosive growth. We are proud to offer great benefits, continuous learning opportunities, all expense paid travel to national events, and many advancement opportunities.

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