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Line Cook - Denver Northfield
Denver, CO 80238
5 days ago
Line Cook - Royal Palm
Royal Palm Beach, FL 33411
5 days ago
Restaurant Manager - Denver
Denver, CO 80238
5 days ago
Restaurant Manager - Union City
Union City, CA 94587
5 days ago

Where in 1965 could young adults on Manhattan’s Upper East Side enjoy great food and great drinks, meet up with good friends and make new ones in a fun, exciting environment???


That’s until Alan Stillman opened TGI Fridays at the corner of First Avenue and 63rd. People couldn’t help but fall in love with this exciting place that made everyone feel as though it was Friday, no matter what day of the week they walked in. The food was great; the Bartenders were mixing up creative cocktails, and the service was so fun and so engaging the sound of the bar bell celebrated “ring the bell” service all night long.

It was the Fridays experience.

The concept was wildly successful. Folks stood six-deep around the bar and spilled outside the restaurant, becoming known as the first “cocktail party on the streets.”

It was on First and 63rd in New York City that America’s most iconic bar and grill was born. From that moment on, Fridays has been known for bringing that fun, Fridays Factor energy to every table, every day, every shift.

We capture what it’s like to be Friday all day, every day! And, we consistently deliver authentic, personal experiences that include fresh, craveable food and handcrafted beverages – provided by people who truly do it all for the Love of Fridays.

And, because of that, our Guests expect that In Here, It’s Always Friday®.

So, with that said, you may be wondering just how we do these things and do them so well?

Well, whether it’s creating that perfect bite or delicious sip, developing strong friendships with fellow Team Members, or building great connections with Guests, everything we do is guided by Our Credo, Our Values, and Our Pledge – all unique to Fridays. And, we support and cultivate these beliefs through our Theories and Philosophies, something we will cover later on.

These things define what’s important to us and set the bar for what we do, and how we do it.


You want to know why we make that promise?

Well, it’s because Fridays was built on our Credo, Values, Theories and Philosophies, all upheld by our Pledge that We Are Fridays. We love everything a Friday stands for, including laughter, friends and the fun that every Friday brings.

Friday is the day everyone looks forward to because it holds the unlimited potential that anything and everything great is just ahead. It’s the day that kicks off the fun, energy, and excitement and creates that awesome feeling that everyone knows. And, that’s why we’re so passionate about making sure that every single day feels just as fantastic as a Friday. It’s our promise!

Our beliefs are the heart and soul of who we are at Fridays, and in combination, they serve as our foundation. It’s the base for why we’re so awesome!