Resource Manager

Job Description

Resource Manager

Minimum Requirements to Qualify for the Position:

  • Education: College Degree with and Human Resource, Leadership, or Education emphasis preferred.
  • Skills: Ability to function well within a high-performing team and as a team leader and member. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. Effective relationship management. Display critical evaluation skills. The ability to be a servant leader.
  • Experience: A minimum of three years of heat-treating experience. A thorough understanding of the recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes. Experience in training and developing employees.
  • All hires are contingent upon a 9-panel hair follicle drug test & background check.

Hours6 AM to 2:30 PM with some overtime expected.

Pay – Competitive salary commensurate with education and experience

Position Objective

Job Description: The Resource Manager is responsible for the condition of all equipment in the division, the people in the division, and for the materials necessary to run the facility. Be willing and able to shift hours each quarter to be present on second and third shifts to facilitate training and a team culture.

Equipment Maintenance and Effectiveness

  • All pieces of equipment and areas have a basic working condition that all equipment must be maintained to. When equipment or areas are not in the basic working condition corrective action must be taken to return them to the same.
  • Part of the definition of the Basic Working Condition includes an understanding of the parties responsible for "watching-over" the equipment, and the creation and implementation of training materials to empower responsible personnel.
  • The basic working condition should be defined in the start-up and shutdown procedures for that equipment.
  • The Resource Manager is to work with Maintenance, Quality Assurance and Technical Director in defining basic working condition.
  • Resource Manager is expected to audit conformance to the basic working condition on at least a monthly basis. These audit findings are to be published in the Monthly quality The Resource manager works with maintenance and the technical director to develop and maintain a parts inventory list for key supply items. These are items which are associated with long leadtime and other items for which we should have back-ups on hand to quickly repair major pieces of equipment, meeting and reviewed in a weekly maintenance meeting.
  • Using Bluestreak, produce and maintain information in a clear and accessible way to track equipment maintenance history and expected maintenance activity.
  • Collect a list of anticipated projects and expensive inventory items needed for every piece of equipment.
  • Report anticipated costs to Accounting on a quarterly basis.

Weekly Maintenance Meeting

  • Perform a weekly maintenance meeting to prioritize and plan maintenance activities and to review progress towards resource improvement and publish the minutes to keep department employees aware of changes and improvements.
  • The purpose of this meeting is to keep tabs on our progress towards TPM.
  • The maintenance meeting is to review and schedule planned down-time activities.
  • Resource Manager is to report on the weekly maintenance meeting with upper management by sharing the minutes or a summary.

Maintenance Resources

  • Maintenance personnel are to check in with the Resource manager at the beginning of their day.
  • Resource Manager is to set the daily maintenance priorities for their building.
  • Resource Manager is to work with their peers in other departments to share maintenance resources for extraordinary situations.
  • Resource Manager is to be included in the review process of their building's maintenance personnel.
  • Resource Manager is to chair and take the minutes of the weekly maintenance meeting.
6S Implementation and Maintenance

  • The Resource Manager defines the basic working condition of each area and holds people accountable to maintain cleanliness standards to the defined condition.
  • The Resource Manager works to continually improve the organization and cleanliness of the shop.
  • Resource Manager attends the weekly 6S meeting and is responsible for soliciting others to attend as directed.
  • Resource Manager fills out safety concerns and handles safety corrective and preventative actions. Resource Manager reports progress on 6S goals on a weekly basis to QA for inclusion in the departmental QA meeting.
  • The Resource Manager works to identify and eliminate Resource safety issues and define work practices that promote safety.
  • Works to ensure everyone follows safety protocols and corrects contrary behavior as necessary.
  • Ensures people adhere to corporate safety training schedule and disciplines and corrects behavior as necessary.

Human Resource Management

  • The Resource Manage must ensure adequate coverage to ensure 24/7 coverage. The goal is to have 3 people working in the shop at all times. We may never have less than 2 people working at any time.
  • Resource Manager is responsible for approving vacation and communicating work schedule changes.
  • Responsible for maintaining the Resources vacation calendar and ensuring back-up coverage is sufficient.
  • The Resource Manager is responsible for developing and maintaining job descriptions for the facility.
  • Resource Manager is responsible for a complete and accurate organization chart of their Resource.
  • Training Matrices must contain accurate training information.
  • Training materials and programs must be continually made improved, enacted, and documented.
  • Resource Manager is to communicate systemic training gaps and opening corrective actions to resolve the issue. These are to be assigned to the technical director.
  • The resource manager is responsible for meeting with all employees bi-weekly to assess the employees progress toward developing the skills necessary to succeed and meet agreed-upon goals.
  • Resource Manager is to work with Director of Training to accomplish this goal. The Director of Training is responsible for how the training matrix looks and the training system works, but the Resource manager is responsible or the record keeping.
  • The Resource manager is responsible for administrating the mentoring program to ensure proper process and documentation.
  • The Resource Manager is responsible to managing the timeclock for all facility employees.

Supplies and Inventory

  • Maintain an ample supply of all HT materials and inputs, these include gases, alloy, cones, screens, gloves, etc. It is a management function to ensure that the system is amply supplied, and to take corrective action when it is not.
  • The Resource manager maintain an accurate and live inventory of alloy on the floor and anticipate future alloy needs.
  • Inventory includes cones, screens, super smalls, baskets, grids, stackable Grids, Fixtures, A-Frames, etc.
  • Resource Manager is responsible to ensure that alloy is burned-out, blasted, repaired in a timely manner, and is well-maintained and well ordered.
  • Resource Manager works with Corporate Purchasing Authority in obtaining new Alloy so as to replenish our stock of in-use alloy.
  • Resource Manager works with Fab and Controller to repair Alloy. This is to be handled by our maintenance work order system.
  • Resource Manager works with Technical Director and Resource Controller to determine alloy needs.

Hard Skills:

  • Understand and efficiently use Bluestreak and Microsoft Office software,
  • Understand ThermTech’s quality policy, mission, vision, and values statement.
  • Basic computer skills
  • Basic math knowledge
  • Safety-focused mindset

Soft Skills:

  • Must be a servant leader.
  • Excellent written & verbal communication skills
  • Excellent time management
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to work collaboratively with others.
  • Focused on satisfying both internal and external customers.

Type: Full-time

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