Maryland Licensed Unarmed Security Guard (Hagerstown, MD)

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Unarmed Security Guard

Trust Consulting Services, Inc. is a certified 8(a), SDVOSB firm specializing in Acquisition Management, Program Management, Financial Management, Information Technology, and Facility Management in support of state, local, and federal agencies.

At Trust Consulting, we value every employee. We are an equal-opportunity employer that does not discriminate based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation, or any other protected status. We also greatly value military veterans! Trust Consulting Services is looking to hire a Unarmed Security Guard. The Unarmed Security Guard provides guard services that will include coverage and rounds of the internal Site, external Site, and the adjacent parking garage. Guard Services shall also include duties as listed in this IFB.

1. Protect the Site against fire, theft, pilferage, malicious injury, damage and destruction.
2. Lock and unlock the Site’s front door each day and the Site’s public entrance doors.
3. Operate and enforce a system of security checkpoints to all visitors at the entrance doors of the Site, to include the operations of a walk-through metal detector system, hand-held metal detector wand (see Exhibit 2 for Operating Instructions), and checking of handbags, packages etc. State employees are not subject to the security check point procedures provided they display ID badges and enter through the Site’s entrance.
4. Ensure that all staff members visibly display an appropriate identification badge while on the Site. If not visible, the Guard shall attempt to identify the individual and courteously remind him/her to visibly display the ID badge and note occurrence on the daily log.
5. Permit only authorized persons to enter Site’s restricted access areas.
6. Conduct interior and exterior perimeter checks of the Site, at a minimum, at the beginning, middle, and end of the Guard’s shift for fires, unauthorized persons, mechanical systems alarms, secured doors, unnecessary lights that have been left on, and other things as specified by the Contract Monitor of his/her designee. One Guard shall perform building rounds when the other Guard is available to man the guard post.
7. Patrol parking areas and grounds to prevent theft and vandalism to vehicles and property during aforementioned perimeter checks.
8. Ensure no unauthorized person(s) are on the Site during the first and last perimeter checks. If customers are still on the Site at the end of the shift, the Guard shall provide Emergency Services, as noted below.
9. Provide Emergency Services if a Customer’s meeting has not ended by 5:00 p.m. In the event that Emergency Services are needed, an HCDSS employee will advise the Guard prior to the end of the Guard’s shift. If there is no advance notice or the Contractor receives less than twenty-four (24) hours’ notice, the Guard shall notify the Contract Monitor or his/her designee for verbal authorization to provide Emergency Services. The Guard performing Emergency Services should adjust his or her schedule so that he or she does not work more than forty (40) hours in one calendar week. Written authorization shall be documented within 24 hours of the Emergency Services being provided.
10. Provide After –Hours Services. The Guard shall be given 48 hours’ notice if After-Hours Services are necessary for a scheduled after-hours meeting with a customer. The forty-eight (48) hours’ notice will be given by the Contract Monitor to the Site Supervisor. The Contract Monitor or his/her designee will authorize in writing all After-Hours Services requests prior to the start of the After-Hours Services. The Guard performing After-Hours Services should adjust his or her schedule so that he or she does not work more than forty (40) hours in one calendar week. The Contract Monitor shall send the written approval notice within 24 hours for the After-Hours Services to the Contractor.
11. Log in all visitors by name, purpose of visit, name of employee who they are visiting, and issue a temporary badge for the date of the visit. The individual being visited shall be notified of the visitor’s presence and instructed to escort the visitor to their destination. Guard will assist escorting the visitor upon request.
12. Instruct customers to be seated in the waiting area in a quiet and orderly manner while waiting to be attended. If necessary, inform parents or Guardians that for safety reasons, children are not permitted to run around the building or waiting area. The Guards shall report continued problems to the Contract Monitor or his/her designee.
13. If and when necessary, inform all employees, customers, and visitors of the State’s no smoking regulations.
14. Escort staff, visitors, and customers to and from cars in the adjacent parking lot after dark or when requested.
15. Direct service workers, delivery persons, and others to the appropriate entry and/or Site area.
16. Participate in scheduled disaster and fire drills in accordance with the Agency’s established evacuation plan.
17. Investigate unusual or suspicious conditions and/or activities.
18. Report any contact with the police or fire department, unsafe and/or dangerous conditions, unusual occurrences and/or incidents that happen during the course of duty, including but not limited to threats, fire, maintenance issues, suspicious activity, potential safety hazards, verbal abuse, assault, or unusual activity verbally to the Contract Monitor or designee immediately after occurrence. In the absence of the Contract Monitor or his/her designee, the Director or Assistant Directors, or a designated “in-charge” Administrative Staff person. Guard shall notify the Bel Air Police in case of theft, vandalism or unauthorized entry; notify the Fire Department in case of fire; and notify either the Police of the Fire Department, as necessary, regarding any other situation that may present a safety hazard to facility employees, or customers.
19. Record all incident information in the Guard’s logbook. Prepare an Incident Report (Exhibit 3) after verbally notifying the Contract Monitor or his/her designee. The original Incident Report shall be submitted to the Contract Monitor or his/her designee no later than the next business day or prior to the Guard’s shift.
20. Upon arriving to work the Guard shall sign in. The Guard will sign out at the end of the shift.
21. At no time while on duty will the Guard leave the Site unattended. The Contract Monitor and/or his/her designee must be notified if both Guards have to leave the Site. One Guard must stay at the Site until a replacement Guard has arrived.
22. When requesting leave, the Guard must notify the Contractor as early in advance as possible so the Contractor can find a replacement Guard. The Guard must notify the Contractor and the Contract Monitor and/or his or her designee immediately in the event of an unscheduled absence so that the Contractor can find a replacement Guard.

23. Politeness and courtesy must be shown to customers and employees at all times.


1. Must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age;

2. Must be a high school graduate or have an equivalency certificate;

3. Must have at least two (2) years of experience in security/law enforcement work;

4. Must have the ability to greet and interact positively and courteously with the public;

5. Must speak, read, and write English in a clear and concise manner;

6. Must be able to read, understand, and apply printed rules and directions;

7. Must be in good general health and able to stand and/or walk for an entire shift.

8. Must be capable of self defense;

9. Must be able to run and climb stairs;
10. Must maintain a current First Aid Card and will be required to show the card upon request;
11. Must be CPR certified by the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, or other recognized certifying body;

12. Must not have a criminal record or be on probation; and

13. Must not have been convicted or charged with any form of domestic violence.

Opening: Immediate Hire

Term: Base and four (4) Option Periods

Salary: $16.13 per hour

Location: 14 N. Potomac Street, Suite 100, Hagerstown MD.

Hours: Monday – Friday (8am - 4pm )

Type: Full-time
Pay: $16.13 per HOUR

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