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Unarmed Guard - Break Guard

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Unarmed Security Guard

The Unarmed Security Guard (UG) is a part of TCS Security, which protects our client’s premises, assets, personnel, and maintains a high visibility presence, and prevents illegal or inappropriate actions. The UG’s responsibility is to provide unarmed guard services and maintain a safe and secure environment for the employees and visitors of. of the Internal Site and External Site.

A. Requirements and Responsibilities

UG will provide basic site monitoring, perimeter survey, public information assistance, holds a single post, and emergency notification and assistance.

A.1 UG will ensure to carry out oral and written instructions and instruct others on necessary rules, duties, and functions.
A.2 UG will ensure to deal professionally, courteously, and effectively with the public.
A.3 UG will ensure no unauthorized person or persons are in the building and observe activities of individuals in the building to ensure that building rules and regulations are observed by requesting compliance.
A.4 UG will perform duties as required by Post Orders, SOPs, and all other site, company, and contract requirements.
A.5 UG will obtain proper driver’s license/photo ID for all visitors prior to granting access to the building; issue the appropriate visitor ID badge(s) to the visitor, ensure that all visitors are escorted to their destinations when required.
A.6 UG may control access to parking lot; enforce rules on parking in permit areas, visitor parking areas and restricted parking areas.
A.6 UG may use security equipment such as electronic access card scanners, and personnel and vehicle searching equipment if applicable.
A.7 UG will refrain from alcohol consumption eight (8) hours prior to their shift, and not report to duty under the influence of any alcohol or narcotic.
A.8 UG will utilize cell phones only when their use does not interfere with guards’ assigned duties.
A.9 UG will maintain the cleanliness of their work area and equipment.
A.10 UG will report any unusual activity or security violations to the facility manager.
A.11 UG will safely use government property if assigned, and immediately report lost, damaged, or stolen government to a direct supervisor or the next personnel in the chain of command.

A.12 The UG will travel between sites to provide on-site post-relief as required and directed.

B. Administrative Duties

B.1 UG prepare and maintain a daily duty log, noting all activities and incidents that occurred during each shift
B.2 UG will operate telephone and radio communications.


C.1 UG must be 21 years of age.
C.2 UG must have or be able to obtain a Maryland Guard Card.
C.3 UG must be able to pass a background check, pre-employment, and random drug screening.
C.4 UG must have at least two years of security guard service.
C.5 UG must possess a high school diploma or equivalent.
C.6 UG must be physically and mentally capable of performing duties as required.
C.7 UG must be physically able to climb stairs, and free of any hearing impairment.
C.8 UG must have vision corrected to 20/20 in one eye and 20/30 in the other.
C.9 UG must comply with the company’s Fitness for Duty policy.
C.10 UG must be capable of exercising judgment and acting quickly in an emergency.
C.11 UG must be of such temperament and maturity that they shall be able to function under physical threats and verbal abuse without taking such behavior personally.
C.12 UG must be polite, respectful, patient, understanding, able to adapt to challenging situations, and able to treat the public in a courteous and effective manner.
C.13 UG must have the ability to effectively communicate, read, write, and understand instructions in English.
C.12 UG must Authorized to work in the United States of America.

D. Training
UG must have and/or receive and maintain initial and recurring training to include but not limited to the following:

D.1 Security Guard
D.2 CPR and First Aid
D.3 De-escalation and Dealing with Difficult Customers training
D.4 All EEO training (Inclusion, Diversity, Harassment, etc.)
D.5 All training required by the Director of Human Resources
D.6 Any other training mandated by the company or required per the contract.

Location and Available Hours:

Harford DSS Main St

Monday - Friday: 8AM-4:30PM

Harford DSS Pulaski HWY Family Investment

Monday - Friday: 8AM-4:30PM

Harford DSS MAIN/Bond Break Guard

Monday - Friday: 12:30 PM-4:30

Harford DSS Pulaski HWY Family Investment Break Guard

Hourly rate: $16.13

Type: Part-time

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