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Job Description

Job Description

YOU determine how much you earn as an Order Selector because your weekly pay depends on how efficient you are in selecting product for our customers' stores! You set your own pace, and that determines the size of your paycheck.

Are you into sports, cardio, strength training, weightlifting, running , bodybuilding?

This job will help keep you in shape! Order Selectors are constantly walking, lifting, bending, and stretching.

Are you the competitive type?

It pays to be the best because you are rewarded for working efficiently and with accurate results.

Order Selectors pull products ordered by our customers’ stores and place them onto pallets. They also wrap finished orders and move them to the dock area using an electric pallet jack, where the orders will be placed on a truck for delivery. To increase their efficiency, Order Selectors use state-of-the-art technology such as headsets, which tell Selectors which products have been ordered and where they are located in the warehouse. Without our Order Selectors, stores couldn’t keep the shelves stocked, which would impact the ability families have to buy what they need in their homes. Order Selecting is a critical part of the food supply chain.

The responsibilities listed on this posting are not intended to be all-inclusive and additional responsibilities may be assigned as needed.

Required Qualifications:

* be at least 18 years old
* ability to work weekends, holidays, and extended periods of time
* ability to obtain certification in pallet truck and forklift operations (on or before his or her start date in the position)
* ability to select, lift, carry, and stack product weighing up to 62 pounds
* ability to stand bend, stoop, and twist and do repetitive work for long periods of time
* ability to operate a pallet truck or forklift without any part of his or her body exposed outside of the operator compartment
* ability to work under strict time requirements
* ability to read, write, and identify and verify numbers
* ability to interpret, understand, and follow instructions

Job Type: Full-time

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