Roanoke - Dock Supervisor Night Shift

Job Description

Dock Supervisor is responsible for planning, directing and controlling all available resources to ensure timely, damage-free unloading of freight. Dock Supervisor coordinates activities of lumpers engaged in unloading trucks and in moving product onto pallets per warehouse specifications. Supervisor must ensure all work is performed according to company approved procedures, standards and specifications. Management must provide a clean, safe environment for all personnel and visiting customers.
I.Essential Functions of Responsibilities
a.Assign loads to crew
b.Make sure docks are kept clean and safe
c.Forecast labor needs
d.Use TT2 to track unloading information i.e. lump times, names and special circumstances
e.Timely communication of any additional work that was provided on any given load
f.Assist with safety issues
g.Assist in unloading trucks when necessary
h.Enforce all policies and procedures implemented by UChain
i.Able to lift 40lb on a consistent basis
j.Verifies that the driver receives equipment and/or pallets back (if applicable)
II.Other Duties and Responsibility
a.Perform Lumper responsibilities as needed
b.Explain safety regulations as needed
c.Attends monthly safety meeting
d.Attends monthly lumper meeting
III.Supervisory Responsibilities
a.Supervise Lumpers
b.Provide training and developing as needed
c.Make recommendations to hire or dismiss employees only
d.Provide input related to performance evaluations
e.Assign daily responsibilities as need
f.Schedule labor accordingly
IV.Knowledge and skills
a.Bilingual – English/Spanish – verbal and written
b.High school diploma or GED recommended
c.2-3 years total warehouse experience required
d.Minimum of 1 year UL experience recommended
e.High achiever/performer-strives for maximum service needs
f.Relationship building skills-maintained disciplined and professional
g.Results oriented
h.Multi-tasking ability
i.Stress management skills-works well while managing stress in a healthy way
j.Problem solver-solves problems with the needs of the customer and company in mind
k.Educator-shares knowledge in order to create a strong and aware team
l.Trench worker willing and ready to perform any job necessary
m.Planner-manages time well
n.Ability to work as a team member-works as a co-worker and leader
o.Ability to direct a crew and enforce rules and regulations
p.Communicator-ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with warehouse receiving clerk, receiver, forklift drivers, drivers, warehouse manager, and UChain employees
q.Ability to handle difficult dock situations and personalities
r.Highly organized
s.Attention to detail
t.Knowledge of OSHA safety and warehouse safety rules
V.Physical Demands
a.Standing for long periods of time
b.Walking through entire shift
c.Constant lifting
VI.Working conditions and environment
a.Exposed to hot and cold environment
b.Constricted and wide open spaces
c.Work among loud noises
d.Possible long hours, up to 12 hours
e.Possible weekend shift to be assigned as needed
f. Shift Sunday through Thursday
VII.Equipment used
a.Cutting blades
b.Nextel radio
d.Pallet jack
e.Shrink wrap

Type: Full-time

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