Roanoke, TX - Part Time Warehouse Trailer Checker!!

Job Description

Job Description

Job Purpose: Assist inbound carriers to check into the warehousing facility to deliver freight. Main responsibility is to maintain a good traffic flow and communication with the warehouse to ensure deliveries are unloaded in a timely manner.

Customer Service:

* Maintain a positive and helpful manner when checking in carriers.
* Maintain a good working relationship with the warehouse personnel. Any special requests should be complied with as soon as the needs can be met, if possible, and relayed to the On-site Manager immediately.
* Handle difficult situations with tact, referring the customer to the On-site Manager, if necessary.


* Maintain flow of trucks to the dock, coordinating with truck driver, dock supervisor and warehouse receivers, if necessary, by radio or phone.
* Advise the Operations Manager of any information required. It is essential to maintain the flow of information.
* Checks the carrier into the facility, initiating the Truck Control Ticket. Verifies the PO’s, checks the bill account against the warehouse provided list of approved PO’s, and directs the flow of traffic into the warehouse.
* Required to maintain a working knowledge of the various accounts, i.e., vendors that bill to their own accounts, requirements for a warehouse billing account.


* 3:30AM-Until Last Truck


* $11 per hour

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Job Type: Part-Time

Type: Part-time
Pay: $11.00 per HOUR

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