Saw operators-Riverside $12 NEEDED ASAP

Job Description

Description of Responsibilities
• Sets up and operates power saws to cut, slot, groove, miter, and trim metallic work pieces according to specifications: Selects and installs blade on machine, using hand tools.
• Sets controls to adjust speed, feed rate, and blade tensions.
• Positions guides, stops, holding blocks, or other fixtures to secure and direct work piece, using hand tools and measuring devices.
• Scribes reference lines on material as guide for sawing operations, according to blueprints, templates, sample parts, or specifications.
• Mounts work piece in holding device, manually or using hoist.
• Operates saw to cut along scribed lines. Verifies dimensions of finished work piece, using measuring devices.
• Saw operators must inspect their finished work to ensure it is the correct size and shape, since accuracy is extremely important in manufacturing work. To prevent injury, operators must use caution around the moving blade of the saw and wear goggles to ensure eye safety.
• Successful saw operator must possess attentiveness to detail, steady hands, manual dexterity, and the ability to follow instructions and interpret drawings. The ability to perform accurate measurements and basic arithmetic are also necessary.
• Basic mathematical skills
• Basic reading and writing comprehension in English (to read work order instructions, safety and policy manuals)
• High School Graduate or Equivalent
• Ability to read a tape measure
• Knowledge of machining procedures
• Ability to operate an overhead crane
Saw machine operator experience of 1 year or more is preferred.
1st or 2nd shift

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