Lead Supervisor

Job Description

Reports to (position): Assistant Manager or Facility Manager

Briefly state the overall purpose of the job, highlighting the functions or duties for which the position is responsible and why the position exists.

To ensure all customer’s goods are picked, packed, shipped and received efficiently and properly. Have over sight of floor team and ensure all company SOP’S are followed and customer expectations are met.


• Employee must provide training, supervision, and lead all workers to understand how to work efficiently, safely, and maintain accuracy.
• Employee must record and provide daily efficiency numbers on all outbound & inbound activity in order to establish that the rates in place are accurate and to also to know how to schedule labor accordingly and efficiently.
• Report staffing needs to immediate Supervisor
• Employee must be able to use all warehouse equipment in order to train staff properly and maintain a safe work environment.
• Must be able to answer all questions regarding open orders to the CSR that handles customers account
• Employee will need to coordinate with all carriers for deliveries and pick ups
• Employee will from time to time be required to communicate with a customer
• QC of all inbounds and out bounds based on customer requirements and company established SOP’S.
• Employee must be able to read and fully understand customers rates to insure work is in scope of rate agreement
• Responsible to attend daily staffing and facility meetings with immediate supervisors


(Doing skills – job-related knowledge, policies, procedures, techniques.)

• Must understand the SOP’s and carry them out.
• Must be able to print documents from the WMS as required
• Understand and learn vendor SOP’S and Routing Guides for all shipments
• Must have computer skills in order to manage all work data.
• Must be knowledgeable of all warehouse material handling equipment and what is required for daily inspections of such equipment.
• Working knowledge of various WMS systems (for reporting and order purposes)
• Ability to route inbounds dray to our selected carriers
• Carry out and monitoring of predetermined company and customer KPI’S

(Understanding of business concepts, knowledge of the organisation, profitability.)

• Understanding customer rate agreements.
• Understanding how to schedule labour based on activity.
• Understanding that you are selling a service and must maintain great service in order to gain more opportunities.

Human Relations
(People skills in servicing, influencing, developing and leading others.)

• Must be a great leader and hands on trainer.
• Must understand the strengths and weaknesses of individuals in order to properly place them and build a solid team.
• Must take the time to contact customers to review order’s or shipping issue’s as they arise
• Must come to work in a clean and business like attire per the dress code

(Demonstrated in previous roles and the individual’s career track record).

• Must be a team player no matter of the situation…..WE ARE ONE.
• Must be dependable and reliable.
• Must be detailed, organized, and clean.


Professional: Must have prior knowledge and experience in this field.

Licences: Certified in all MHE Equipment

Other: OSHA 10, CPR and AED Trained, Bi Lingual a plus

List the main things or actions this position:

a) personally authorizes

• Place employees on job task.
• Schedule and coordinate P/U’s and Inbounds.
• Place an order for needed supplies with Assistant or facility Manager approval

b) discusses with superior before authorizing or doing

• Help in scheduling Labor for the following day
• Authorizes needed OT

c) recommends to superior for action

• Issues with an employee and need to discuss a write up
• Suspend or Terminate an employee
• Safety issues

To what extent does this position manage or have responsibility for the following:

a) Employees

No. of direct reports: All those involved in all warehouse daily and evening operations

No. of indirect reports: All those involved in all warehouse daily and evening operations

List any special conditions which apply to this position, e.g. hours of work, shift work, award, etc.

• Employee must be aware of possible OT work needed along with possible work on weekends.
• Employee must be aware of possible change shift depending on work flow.
• At anytime additional items not clarified within may be added or removed from one’s job description.


The Supervisor’s Supervisor:
Facility Manager

The Immediate Supervisor:
Assistant Manager

This position:
Lead Supervisor

Direct Reports:
All those involved in all warehouse daily and evening operations

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