Willow Point Country Club - Housekeeping - weekend hours

Job Description

Job Requirements:  Must be able to work weekends

  • Maintain & Clean All Lodging Rooms & Club Facilities as Directed
  • Maintain Safe Working Environment
  • Must have a Positive Attitude & Be A Team Player
  • Punctual & Respectful
  • Physically Capable of Performing Duties as Assigned
  • Must Have Reliable Transportation
  • Flexible and Willing to Adapt to Changing Circumstances

Type: Part-time

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Willow Point Golf & Country Club

Yards to play: 7,200.
Par score: 72.
Courses like it: 0.

A members-only private club, Willow Point offers a family-friendly atmosphere and activities calendar throughout the year. Membership at Willow Point is by application only with sponsorship by current members required.

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